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Why Every Fireside Needs a Valiant Product

Updated on July 3, 2016

Valiant's Genesis

Valiant Stoves Ltd. or simply Valiant is a small but vibrant firm based in Hertfordshire, England that offers a wide range of fireside accessories. From heat powered stove fans to thermometers to storage and cleaning solutions, Valiant has the products that every fireside needs. The firm recognizes the many benefits of using sustainable and naturally occurring fuels to warm a home.


All Valiant products are designed and developed in England, before being manufactured in China by the company’s own in-house team. Valiant adheres to strict quality standards, and carries out its own rigorous testing. It also takes into consideration customer feedback in developing and improving its designs and range.

Valiant Fireside Accessories - Ventum Range

Valiant was incorporated in 2010. Four directors set up the company—Christopher John Garwood, Simon Robert Andrew Dawson, Susan Jean Dawson, and Bob Sizeland.

Valiant has numerous products which can be sorted according to the following categories:

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Valiant Stove Paint is great for covering small cuffs and ensuring that stoves will be kept in excellent condition. This fireside accessory is available in a convenient spray can.


Match Tidy, Firelighter Tidy and the Fireside Bucket provide a stylish, convenient, handy and safe storage for the fireside. Valiant also has heat resistant gloves for tending the fireside, while its stove care kit is the perfect companion in cleaning the stove.


Heat Powered Stove Fans

Valiant has its range of heat powered stove fans that can give Vulcan fans a run for its money.

Its original two blade heat powered stove fan comes in an attractive design, featuring satin black anodized blades. This log burning fan is virtually silent when in operation and gently circulates heat throughout the home. It can also reduce fuel consumption as well as maximize energy from the stove.

It almost has the same qualities as the company’s four-blade heat powered stove fan, although the latter boasts of a better fan performance thanks to its unrivalled four blade set-up.

Valiant PremiAIR Airflow


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