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Why Get a Pool House?

Updated on April 24, 2011

Maybe you've just spent money to put in a permanent pool. Or maybe you just bought and installed a complete pool set with the ladder, filter pump, and everything else. You probably feel you're all ready for the swim season and haven't given any thought to spending a little more money and putting in a pool house. A pool house, by the way, can range from an enclosed outdoor cabana complete with windows to a simple storage shed.

Adding a pool house can provide you with many benefits that can make the money you spend on it worthwhile. Convenience, organization, safety, and value are all important benefits that a pool house can give you. After reading about these benefits below, you may decide it’s a worthwhile investment.

Melinda Taber, on Flickr
Melinda Taber, on Flickr | Source


If you own a pool, you're sure to own quite a few pool accessories.  There are rafts, loungers, floats, goggles, snorkels, and pool toys to mention a few. Then there are the cleaning supplies: skimmers, brushes, vacuum hoses, and chlorine dispensers.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to find these items when you need them? All of these items can be stored in a pool house.  No need to run around to the garage, the basement, and the storage room to get everything together. It's all in one place and ready to go.

Your pool cabana also offers the convenience of giving you a place to hang out while everyone else is in the pool. If it's large enough and enclosed you can sit there in your outdoor living room furniture and enjoy the view while keeping out of the sun.

A pool house can also be a place where people who want to go swimming can change into their bathing suits and then back into their clothes when they're finished. That way you won't have to walk into your bathroom and find dripping bathing suits hanging everywhere. What's more, you won't have wet people walking through your house.

To make the pool house even better for swimmers, you can put a bathroom there. Again, no more wet swimmers running in and out of the house to use the bathroom. This also helps prevent slips and falls.


If the pool house is big enough, these items can even be organized to be in their own bins or their own sections. That way you don't have to untangle everything when all you want is a pair of goggles.

Also, with everything stored in the pool house, the pool area itself will look a lot more orderly and tidy.

If you're not in an area where you can use your pool year-round, your pool house can be used to organize and put everything away for the fall and winter. If you have some extra room you can also put your outdoor summer furniture in the pool house.


Most pool owners use chemicals to keep their pool water balanced and clean. These chemicals can be very harsh. You don't want them coming into contact with the people using the pool. By keeping all your pool chemicals in the pool house you can prevent any accidents from happening.

Additionally, with all those pool accessories in the pool house there's less chance of anyone tripping over them and hurting themselves.

Added Value

A pool house doesn't have to be just a simple utilitarian structure. If done with some design style, it can create some visual interest in your backyard and increase the value of your home.

Larger pool houses can be built with enclosed window screens so they are more like a separate outdoor patio. This is like adding an extra detached room to your home.

When selling your house, you can be sure there will be a picture of the pool and pool house together enhancing the visual appeal of your backyard.

The Cost Issue

Maybe these benefits all appeal to you, but you’re still concerned about the cost.  If building a pool cabana seems too expensive, consider getting a large storage shed.  These vinyl sheds can provide some of the same benefits as the pool house for much less cost. Whichever route your choose, think about using a pool house to improve your backyard swimming season.


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