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Why Grow With An Aeroponics Hydroponics System?

Updated on September 27, 2011
Misting The Roots In An Aeroponics System
Misting The Roots In An Aeroponics System

It is said that the most intriguing style of growing hydroponically is the Aeroponics method.

The roots of the plants are dangling either with or without using a growing medium or with hydroton style rocks which allows for enough oxygen around the root base for the plants to thrive. The hanging roots are fertilized with nutrient solution and sprayed on a consistent basis.This will guarantee that the roots wont dry out and kill the plants. A dependable timer is needed to manage the mistings preferably timed withing a few minutes from each other.

A decent sized container should consist of many gallons of nutes which are preferable in these type of hydroponics set-ups. You will need spray heads that will saturate the entire container with the high powered pump forcing the nutes to intermittently mist the roots

There truly isn't another growing method using this technique. The roots should dangle straight down into the grow box The crops root base dangle straight down into the box and grow primarily in air, with the exception of the handful of roots that develop lengthy enough to make it into the nutrient liquid in the base. The pump motor employed in this set-up should be a high demand pump, and the spray emitters are manufactured particularly to produce a specially fine, extremely oxygen rich spray.

It's typically quite tricky to put together certain parts into a well-working aeroponics set-up, also the individual elements can be costly too. The spray emitters can immediately block up if you attempt to use anything at all besides high quality hydroponic plant foods.
Compared to other hydroponics grow set ups, aeroponics is the single most challenging to grasp and the most unforgiving. pH variations and nutritional fluctuations take place far more swiftly simply because of the enhanced absorption rates and higher amounts of oxygenation. Additionally, with no grow media to protect the root system, the crops behave detrimentally to these variations a great deal more frequently.

Recently, some revolutionary growers have commenced to propel this growing style. Methods are starting to crop up that are much easier and that do not depend on pumps. Aeroponics does provide faster growth rates, which carry on to propel the desire for it.


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      7 years ago

      real aero has isolated roots (not touching) - look for "true aeroponics grows" or tag which is the real method and only way of getting the benefits of "air culture".


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