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Why I Became A Deputy Sheriff As A Volunteer In Criminal Law Enforcement.

Updated on December 4, 2015
Our Cat Blacky. God Bless You.
Our Cat Blacky. God Bless You.

September 5, 2010. Sunday

I was a child when I saw a movie with Gene Kelly . There was a singing police officer dressed in blue. He was friendly , and smiled as he patrolled the sidewalks of New York, as he spoke to store keepers, and vendors.

He carried along by his side his billy stick, or baton in his right hand just kind of flipping it around as if he had done it a hundred times to perfect a kind of art of it's own merits.

Gene Kelly, Just singing in the rain was in one film I loved. The peace, and joy and beautiful happiness of sparkling clean rain soaking him, and his umbrella as he danced. I loved it.

I am not sure he was the policeman in the movie that is now so vague in my mind I must have been quite a child when that policeman kindly tipped his hat to ,and elderly lady at a corner of a city block in New York City.

The policeman seemed like a noble mother duck as he guided the sweet elderly lady across the street when the lights turned red, and motorists all stopped their vehicles.

My big brother saw my eyes glued to the television, and said, " Why do you want to be a policeman ? Why not be a doctor or a lawyer.

Davy Crockett was my first hero. He sure did whip a lot of enemy soldiers at the Alamo. Him ,and Jim Bowie did some mighty good fighting until our volunteers got killed in battle by Santa Anna's Army of thousands of troops.

Don't even think about Superman. I thought I heard the super hero mention my name out loud while he was flight high up in the clouds. In elementary school I could not get Superman out of my mind. I pretended I could not see well so that my mother wanted buy me a pair of eye glasses. The eye doctor added a little bit of magnification to them. At school , in the first grade, during recess, I would run behind trees, hide, and remove my glasses in like Clark Kent ran into phone booths. I acted very mild mannered the way Clark Kent was supposed to be. Of course I never could fly no matter how hard I tried.

I always believed that officers are supposed to help people and be nice about it. I believe in speeding tickets. I hope they make citizens think twice about speeding. I saw a young man and young woman killed one early Sunday morning from a head on collision. They were slaughtered by speed in the fog.

Much of what officers do is to save lives. Much of what officers do is done to keep the peace. Police , and narcotics agents arrest criminal drug dealers to try to save lives, and to try to stop illegal drug dealers from creating drug addicts from drugs like Heroin, or worst.

How would you like to raise a precious baby to a teenager, or to be a young adult, and have some worthless creep talk you're son ,or daughter into trying out Heroin, or Crack Cocaine, or some kind of dangerous illegal street drug. How would you like it if you're child died of and overdose of illegal drugs, or died of blood poisoning from dirty needles. How would you like to see you're child spend the rest of his ,or her life trying to fight the cravings of a drug addiction instead of spending quality time in a University to learn a wonderful career .

There is always one very important thing you should keep in mind about police officers. They will die to save total strangers. Cops are usually dedicated to the intention of saving lives.

As a police officer I became very tired of violence. It actually took my strength away sometimes. However I loved what I did, every bit of it because in some direct ,or indirect way, all aspects of crime fighting helps to save lives, or it enables good citizens to live more peaceful lives.

I have no regrets. I have terrible memories, and wonderful ones. The good ones are worth putting up with the bad ones. It is hard when a young boy dies in you're hands like one did in mine. However I was happy when a girl lived because I carried her into a hospital. Many people save lives , and they are usually happy , for saving them.

Soldiers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, plumbers, electricians, and a heck of a lot of people save lives. Writers save lives by changing the way some people think about life , death, wars , and politics.

As small as many little jobs may seem , they all have purposes. The most beautiful creatures on earth are not only human beings , but God's creatures like animals, fish, and sea creatures.

Life is a wonderful thing. It is well worth saving lives if you have the opportunity .


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    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear caretakerray : Thank you so much for your kind visit and fine words. God Bless You And Your Family And Wishing You All A Very Nice Labor Day Holiday Today.

    • caretakerray profile image

      Ray Van Hoff 7 years ago from Michigan U.S.A.


      Excellent Hub. Thank you for your service. I beleive police and others like them are indeed our "unsung heros".

      thanx for a great Hub caretakerray :)

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 7 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Hello hello : Thank you for dropping by, and Happy Labor Day. God Bless You.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting. Thank you for writing this informative hub