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Why Keep Clutter Out of Your Home

Updated on August 5, 2012

Clutter Defaces the Apperance of Your Home

Clutter in and outside of the home not only makes a bad impression and created an eyesore. It can be a source of danger as well. Clutter outside of the home as well and the inside can cause an unecessary accident which could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in medical bills or lawsuits. Outside clutter is an invitation to crime because it created a hiding place for wood be burglers and even could lead to more serious crimes. Keeping a beautiful landscape is impressionable but not pheasable when it creates too much clutter.A well lightd home landscape at the home is no good if there are places a criminal can use as a hiding space.

Inside of the home clutter can create of feeling of clostrophobia and add to agrivation and irritation. It can also create more cleaning that otherwise would not have to be done otherwise. It also creates problems if you have very small children or animals around. Fire hazzards also can result from too much clutter. It could lead too blockage and time consumption when and if you should have to escape from a fire or even a wood be intruder.

So when you plan your decoratiing always keep this in mind. You should not only keep your home beautiful on the inside and outside but also keep it safe as well Yes you want to make it lived in with happy suroundings but keep it safe and protected as well.


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    • DoublStandurdLife profile image

      DoublStandurdLife 5 years ago from Definitely NotHere US Nay-Nah, NotNever NJ

      That should be a picture of my mom standing in place of the funny looking cartoon lady with all that clutter! She frowned when I said that. She's a collector, lol. I'm new to the whole blogging thing, but figured I'd give it a try since I have alot to say!