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Why Organic Bedding

Updated on November 19, 2010

Why Organic

With so many beautiful sheets available to choose from, why would you want to limit yourself to organic?

These are the best for anyone who has any allergies,or chemical sensitivities, and for lessening the chance of developing allergies. Many materials contain toxins and having organic cotton or bamboo, or one of the other natural fibers is a step toward reducing health issues for you and your family.

Not only is organic bedding a benefit to your health and to the environment, there are some really nice choices. The quality of the fabric is outstanding, which means that your sheets will last much longer than the others. These bedding options can be a bit spendier, but keep in mind they will have a longer life.

Natural organic bedding is more soft, more comfortable, and chemical free!

Organic Bedding For A Sound Sleep

Not only luxurious feeling, it may help you sleep better. No agricultural chemicals or pesticides, these sheets and covers are made from hand-picked certified, organically grown cotton. The light cotton and flannels choices are exceptionally soft and inviting.

Many of these products are finished with coconut shell buttons and cleverly placed ties.  The material drapes perfectly and has natural wrinkle resistance.

If you have never tried natural Linen, you are in for a nice surprise.  Made from 100% pure organic linen, they not only have a rich look, they get softer with every wash. 

About Organic Sheets and Bedding

Organic bedding can be made with a variety of materials derived from natural plants and fibers.  These include cotton, bamboo, hemp, ramie, jute, nettle fiber, soy silk and calico.  Some of these are made from vegetables and plants that have been grown without chemicals and pesticides.  They are also colored with non-toxic dyes.

Some types of organic bedding have achieved eco-friendly certification.  Many farmers who grow the plants and fibers to make this bedding use sustainable farming practices and adhere to fair-trade practices. 

Those who use natural, organic sheets and covers find that they have a more restful sleep, and notice that the material also absorbs moisture from the body more efficiently than other types of material.

Types of Organic Bedding

  • mattresses
  • mattress pads
  • throws
  • sheets
  • baby bedding
  • duvet covers / comforters / bedspreads
  • pillowcases / pillow shams
  • throw pillows / body pillows (filled with hypoallergenic fill)


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