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Why People Do Not Buy Air Purifiers

Updated on October 31, 2012
If you do not have an air purifier then your lungs are your air purifier!
If you do not have an air purifier then your lungs are your air purifier!

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Why People DO NOT BUY Air Purifiers

People do not buy air purifiers because they have had a bad experience with them, think they do not work, or simply do not think they need one. All three situations are mistakes because air pollution is becoming increasingly toxic, and air purifiers are becoming a growing necessity. Recent disasters have brought the need for good air purification to the forefront. Just recently, a refinery in California experienced some explosions releasing toxic chemicals into the air that sent thousands of nearby residents to the hospital. Whatever your reasons for not owning air purification in the past, you can no longer afford to not have them.

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If you have had a Bad Experience with an Air Purifier

Some people gave up on air purification after a bad experience. There are any number of reasons why they could have had a bad experience. Some air purifiers are junk. Some simply will not do what you need them to do. Some air purifiers are cheap and people get conned into buying them because they are cheap. Sometimes, a person buys a good air purifier and does not use it properly. In this case, they have a bad experience and they assume that the air purifier is at fault, so they get upset and they give up.

If you have had a bad experience with an air purifier, you need to first determine if you have an air purifier worth owning. If you bought a cheap air purifier (because you get what you pay for), you need to do research on air purifiers and come up with a quality air purifier that you can try out. Don't be a quitter and don't give up. Air Purification is a tool and you need to learn how to use it properly. If you bought a quality air purifier and its not working for you the way you want it, get some help from someone who has experience with that model or type of air purifier. If you need to, you can run tests on your air quality to see how the air purifier is working. If your getting the results but do not feel like your problem is being solved, then you may need to do a full indoor air quality assessment to figure out what other issue the problem might be.

If You Think Air Purifiers Do NOT Work...

This is a myth. Air Purifiers do work and they work extremely well. But you have to have realistic expectations of them. You also have to know how to find an air purifier that will do what you need it to do. There are so many personal stories and testimonies from people who have experienced dramatic improvements in their health from using air purifiers. I have personally witnessed the life changing impact good air purification has on people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Those who think air purifiers do not work are exercising their right to ignorance.

If you think you do not need an air purifier...

This sums up the attitude of most people. They take their health and breathing for granted and they simply do not think they need an air purifier. Everybody needs an air purifier, its just that not everyone knows they need it. The refinery explosion in Richmond CA is a testimony to the fact that we live in a time where air pollution is a real issue and air purification is a necessity, not a luxury. If you fall into this category, do a real simple test. Take a petri dish and take a sample of your air. Let it grow for a couple of days and you will be able to see the mold and bacteria that are floating around in your air. This is only one of the many pollutants in the air that your body is fighting incessantly. Stop exercising your free right to ignorance and make air purification part of your plan for long term health and vitality.


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