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Why Polished Concrete Is a Great Option for Your Home

Updated on December 17, 2014

For years, homeowners have chosen marble or ceramic tiles as their favored floor surface. Those who have little knowledge of polished concrete often claim it is too expensive or hard to maintain. There are individuals who also believe it results in a finish that is too “industrial.” The reality, of course, is very different; polished concrete can result in an aesthetically pleasing finish that is easy to clean and is now affordable. Below, we provide you with more reasons why polished concrete floors should be on your wishlist!

Aesthetically Pleasing

Hotels and other commercial spaces prefer polished concrete floors over all other surfaces, and their business depends on being aesthetically pleasing and inviting. The final look and finish of a polished concrete floor is determined by various factors, including the levels of polishing, the color of sand used, the finisher trowel method used, and much more.

The options are almost limitless, as a skilled technician can create almost any look and feel. Even if you are worried about the finish being too cold or industrial, you can still soften it by adding accessories, such as textiles and rugs.


Concrete has been used in one form or another for thousands of years simply because of its incredible durability. When a properly polished concrete floor is installed in your home, the result is an incredibly abrasion-resistant surface that holds up against all manner of wear and tear. This makes polished concrete floors ideal for high-traffic rooms, such as the kitchen. Most contractors offer a lifetime guarantee as long as you perform proper maintenance. The delightful shine should last up to 15 years.

Easy to Clean

There is a myth that polished concrete floors are hard to maintain. In reality, cleaning is simple and often only requires a dust mop to get rid of dirt. There are also a number of special polished concrete floor cleaners on the market. Unlike other materials, polished concrete floors don’t need to be wax polished or coated to maintain their sheen.

Environmentally Friendly

We are living in a “green” society, so you can do your bit for the environment by installing polished concrete floors in your home. Covering up concrete surfaces with materials like carpet, wood, epoxies, and vinyl is a popular pursuit, but a lot of resources are required to create these materials, which then end up in a landfill in a couple of years. Polished concrete floors remove disposable materials from the equation, and the result is a flooring alternative that is LEED-friendly.

Value for Money

Admittedly, a polished concrete floor may have a higher initial cost than alternatives, such as carpet or vinyl flooring, but the long-term savings are significant. While other materials need to be replaced every few years, a polished concrete floor should last a lifetime. This doesn’t take into account the various cleaning materials you need to purchase to maintain other forms of flooring.

Present and Future

Polished concrete flooring is the present and future. Simply choose a high-quality contractor, such as Sledge Concrete Coatings, to do the job, and the result will be a beautiful finish that will make any room beautiful.


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