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Why Seal a Concrete Driveway

Updated on May 12, 2011

Concrete Driveway Sealers


A fast and easy way to help maintain the value of your home is to seal your concrete driveway. As any real estate agent can tell you curb appeal is critical in determining the value of a house. A concrete driveway that is cracking or discolored is not going to help the value of your home. Fortunately it is easy and inexpensive to seal a concrete driveway and keep it looking like new. A penetrating siloxane concrete driveway sealer will protect your driveway for years to come.

The greatest danger to concrete, especially if you live in an area where it gets cold in winter is water. Water can penetrate the concrete and when it freezes it expands. This can actually break the bonds in the concrete causing cracks. A good concrete sealer can help prevent water from being absorbed by the concrete and keep it from cracking. Di-icing salt also does damage to the concrete, partly because it melts the ice creating water that can penetrate the concrete and re-freeze. Salts can also do damage to the surface of the concrete itself. A penetrating siloxane concrete driveway sealer can help prevent the water and salt from being absorbed and protect your driveway.

 There are broadly speaking two types of concrete driveway sealers, penetrating sealers and surface sealers. A surface sealer is good for low traffic areas but a driveway needs a penetrating sealer. The concrete on a driveway takes a lot of abuse it needs the protection of a penetrating sealer.

A surface sealer is just what you think it is, a sealer that is applied to the surface of the concrete. Since it doesn’t penetrate into the concrete it offers limited protection. A surface sealer will wear away overtime, especially in a high traffic area like a driveway. The other problem with a surface sealer for a driveway is that it covers up the rough texture of the concrete, this can make the driveway very slippery.

A penetrating sealer is, not surprisingly, a sealant that penetrates the surface of the concrete. This means that the water repellent protection of a siloxane sealer is below the surface of the driveway. That means it won’t wear away because of the traffic, it also means the texture of the concrete is maintained. This means that not only is the concrete safer it will also look natural. A penetrating concrete sealer is really the best option for your driveway.


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