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How to Save 3 Hours of Vacuuming a Week: Buy a Roomba

Updated on March 10, 2014

I never thought I would own a robotic vacuum cleaner.

They seemed gimmicky and I already had a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner that did a fantastic job picking up dirt. I already was shocked with how much dirt would be picked up on my seemingly clean floors and carpet.

However, I quickly realized that the main problem isn't vacuum power as much as it is frequency: I don't vaccuum often enough to keep it that clean all the time.

Turns out the easiest thing is to hire a robot to do it for you.

If you're thinking about getting a robotic vacuum cleaner, here are the top benefits of having one. (I speak about Roomba because I own one, but these benefits apply to robotic cleaners in general)

1) Saves you time and effort

Roomba can be set to clean when everyone is out of the house. I love the feeling of coming home to clean floors with very little effort.

2) Easy scheduling

Certain Roomba models can be scheduled to clean on any day of the week at any time. Get the model that has this feature if you can afford it. This feature allows you to pick when the best time for Roomba to do the work. Otherwise you have to set it manually.

3) Cleaner floors

While it's true that while a Roomba doesn't have the raw suction power as a regular vacuum cleaner, the Roomba makes up for it by being consistent. Roomba doesn't have a bad day, get sick, or forget to vacuum. This mini vacuum can be setup to clean everyday of the year, a chore most people wouldn't choose to do which ends up keeping a household cleaner than a dedicated stand alone vacuum.

Feels great walking on consistently clean floors
Feels great walking on consistently clean floors

A Roomba is a great tool to use around the home. But all things have their downside. Some things to be aware of when getting a Roomba:

1) Not completely automated

While the Roomba does a pretty good job navigating areas, sometimes the machine will get stuck in tight corners and odd-shaped spaces. This little inconvenience will require you to manually move the Roomba to a better location to resume its cleaning. Also, the dust bin needs to be emptied at least every other day if the Roomba is used everyday.

2) Preparing rooms to be Roomba-friendly

With the Roomba being the small size it is, this vacuum cleaner can fit under many tables and chairs. Not all furniture is tall enough for the Roomba to sneak under to clean, so furniture may need to be rearranged for maximum cleaning efficiency. Cords and low items (like the legs of the popular IKEA Poang chair) the Roomba will get tripped up on:


It is recommended when first running the Roomba that you watch it to see which furniture will cause the machine the most problems so you can move things around if needed.

3) Noise

As with traditional vacuum cleaners, the Roomba will be noisy. The best way to minimize the noise distraction is to run the Roomba when the least number of people are around.

Even with these minor issues, the Roomba is a great way to keep your home tidy. Once rooms have been rearranged to suit the Roomba's cleaning, you will have a blast using it!

Schedule cleanings without you needing to be there
Need to routinely empty dirt by hand
Cleaner floors with less effort
Need to clear obstacles
Can spend vacuuming time doing something else!
Noisy for some


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