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Why Should You Choose Spray Foam Insulation

Updated on June 6, 2016

If you are looking for a way to make your home more energy efficient, then updating your insulation is a great place to start. While there are many types of insulation, one of the most versatile is foam insulation. It can be used to seal your home from air and moisture, strengthen the structure of the building, and provide thermal air, and vapor barriers in homes and business, no matter what types of temperatures are common for your region.

Spray foam insulation, sometimes called SPF, is a heat-activated polymer that when mixed with a couple of other components creates a product that can be sprayed into nearly space. It comes in two forms – closed cell and open cell insulation. The open cell SPF is typically less expensive and has a lower R-value while the closed cell is denser, less permeable, more expensive an provides a more rigid support.

Advantages of Using Spray Foam Insulation

So why is spray foam insulation becoming so common? Here are some of the benefits in opting for foam insulation over the once common rolls of insulation.

  • Spray insulation will save you anywhere between 30-50% per year in energy costs.
  • Unlike the sheets of insulation, spray insulation will not sag or settle over time.
  • Of all the types of insulation, foam has the highest performance of insulation.
  • The R-value remains stable over time.
  • Minimizes air and moisture infiltration, which means that the temperature will need a more consistent temperature.
  • Due to its nature, foam insulation reduces dust and pollen infiltration, as well as the likelihood of mold.
  • If you live in a busy neighborhood, or near the freeway, then spray foam insulation is a great choice as it helps to minimize noise.
  • Relative ease of installation.

These are some of the many reasons that homeowners opt for spray foam insulation. But in making that decision, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Hire someone who is reputable and take the time to verify recommendations.
  2. Be sure the work is monitored by someone who is fully knowledgeable about spray foam.
  3. Before paying for your insulation installation, be sure that it is fully inspected, and that everything that was agreed on in the contract has been completed.

Spray foam insulation is a great choice for nearly any structure. It can be applied during the building phase, or without needing to remove walls if added at a later date. If you have questions regarding what type of insulation is best for your location, talk to an insulation company such as Lewis Insulation of Twin Cities, MN.

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of foam insulation. One such site worth visiting is .

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