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Why Smart Decorators Use Glass Mirrored Furniture

Updated on July 11, 2010

When you want to make a small dining area look like a spacious dining room, you need to use a decorator's trick. If you want to make a tiny space appear much larger, then you can rely on the same trick. What is that trick? It is the technique whereby glass mirrored furniture causes the mind to see any furnished area as more roomy and expansive than it really is.

This is an excellent way to make a combination living and dining area look and feel like a gorgeous living room and the sort of dining area that would suit a large gala. A smart decorator might do what the decorators working with the Restoration Hardware "Home" team did. They put a mirror in both the dining area and the living area of a room that had both.

The reflection of the dining room table allowed a salvaged wood table to resemble the sort of thing one would expect to find in a grand ballroom. The reflection accentuated the thick pedestals under the table and the large wire barrel chandeliers, which hung over the table.

A reflection that contains furniture usually contains some of the objects around that furniture. The RH team has shown in its catalogue just how a wise decorator might use a mirror and a wall clock. In fact, the RH team has even discovered a wall clock with a centerpiece that is a convex mirror.

In another picture the RH catalogue shows the reflection of an old railroad station clock. In yet a third picture, catalogue readers can see the reflection of candlestick holders and of a curtained window. Those reflected images were within a traditional mirror frame. Yet a flat metal frame could just as easily surround reflected furniture.

That was the type of mirror and frame combination chosen by the decorators who helped with work on the "Summer Rocks" catalogue from the CB2 Company. That mirror reflected a green plant, along with some of the furniture in the room.

Readers of that same catalogue, and readers of Mirrored Furniture Gallery, could discover still another way to use a reflection. That involves placement on the wall of many long, narrow mirrors. The colorful reflection has filled what would otherwise be a blank wall.


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