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Why the Shark Rotator Professional Is a Great Vacuum Even for Men

Updated on March 21, 2018
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Men enjoy vacuuming.
Men enjoy vacuuming. | Source

Looking for a vacuum cleaner can be challenging because of the many choices available. The tried-and-true older brands have competition with the newer advanced technology vacuums that do an effective job. Our decision to go with the Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional boiled down to my husband's level of comfort and willingness to participate in the process. Basically, he envisioned himself using all the fantastic tools that come with the Shark. The ruggedness and durability of the Shark proved to be a plus, as well as the on-board tools.

The Shark's clean white (complimented by red or blue) color is very attractive with the silver accents, and really made a strong impression on both of us. The infomercials were very effective too. We could have chosen a couple other vacuum machines, but are more than happy that we chose the Shark Rotator Lift-A-Way Professional NV510. We also received the Steam Mop as a bonus - which is amazing to use.

The swivel feature on the Shark is very fun to use also. Once my son was vacuuming the floor, and he was literally dancing as he vacuumed the floor as he was swiveling along. I thought that was pretty cool. A young man vacuuming the floor and dancing; that's a dream come true. Once you turn the Shark on, it glides forward with ease - no difficult pushing.

After the first vacuum cleaning, the Shark Rotator picked up a huge amount dirt from the carpet shown in the pile.
After the first vacuum cleaning, the Shark Rotator picked up a huge amount dirt from the carpet shown in the pile. | Source

The rotator suction is extremely powerful. The vacuum I used before the rotator was not picking up the dirt as I knew it should, and that was frustrating. After the first use, it was amazing to see the mass of dirt in the canister from cleaning only one room. My family room is the largest carpeted room in the house, and the most used. Even though, we don't normally wear our shoes in this room, dirt and grime of every day living finds a way to get into the fibers. Take a look at the dirt and debris after the first cleaning of the carpet with the Shark Rotator Lift-Away-Professional. Amazing hah!

Some Features. The on-board tools can be used for getting into the difficult and high places. There is the brush roll for bare floors and carpet. There is the extended suction for cleaning high places - like vents and fans. And the canister is especially easy to use too, with just one click of a button, the canister is released, and one more click, the dirt is released into the trash - no mess. Watch the video to see these features.

I especially appreciate the anti-allergen complete seal. The air in our home is better now since we use the Shark. One day I recall coming home when my husband was using the vacuum, and I said, "The air smells better." What was happening was, the Shark was sealing in the allergens - removing much of the pollutants in the air. That blew me away. We need to breath the freshest air possible.

You can breathe fresher air with the Shark Rotator Anti-Allergen feature.
You can breathe fresher air with the Shark Rotator Anti-Allergen feature. | Source

If you have pets or allergies, the Shark Rotator may be the vacuum for you. After using the vacuum a couple times, I noticed that the air seemed cleaner - and to my discovery the the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal is the reason why I noticed fresher air. I was happier because the air was fresher - just like the lady in the photo.

The steam mop came as a surprise. I did not expect the mop to be so easy to use. In fact, it is easier than easy. There is basically a two-step process: pour in the water and map. And the cord is nice and long, so you can do more than one room at a time without removing the cord. The steam mop works on all floor types: wood, tile, ceramic and area rugs. This is truly a bonus.

Here is a full view of the Shark Rotator Pro up against the wall.
Here is a full view of the Shark Rotator Pro up against the wall. | Source

The Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional makes me excited to share the fantastic job it is doing in my home. We look forward everyday to how we are are going to use the vacuum next. Every room is our home gets treated to the Shark, and it shows. The Shark is now treated as a new member of the family, just as if it were a pet or something. We plan on using it for many years to come. We couldn't be more happy with the results we have gotten from only a few weeks of usage.

What vacuum are you using now? Is it new or old. I hope it's not the one passed down from your grandmother. Please don't tell me you are stressing your carpet with an out-dated machine that is in need of repair - please. Your carpet is screaming and crying for help.


When you get your Shark, it comes in a nice colorful box.

No tools are needed to assemble your Shark Rotator. Simply open the box, unwrap the parts and enjoy your new vacuum.

You will be able to use your vacuum within minutes of unpacking. With the Shark as a new addition to our home cleaning appliances, our lives have been changed forever.

Much success to you in finding the vacuum that is right for you.


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  • Treasuresofheaven profile image

    Sima Ballinger 3 years ago from Michigan

    Hi teaches12345, so glad you came along. My husband is retired now, and he finds time to do housework the manly way. I told him that if he keeps using the vacuum at the rate he's going, we will need another one before the year is over.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

    Your husband is so good to help around the home. Maybe this vacuum is really worth it's salt! Thanks for sharing the information on this appliance.