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Why You Should Use a Wall Safe

Updated on November 6, 2010

Leaving your valuables lying on your nightstand is a great for convenience, but when somebody breaks into your home those items are as good as gone.  A small safe, that you can purchase at most major department stores, is great as well but can easily be picked up and carried away for the thief to get into at their leisure.  An in wall safe is an alternative to traditional safes that would most likely go unnoticed by everybody.

They are usually the typical safe that you see in the movies – when somebody moves a picture over and enters the combination.  But, the in wall safe comes in many different varieties these days.  Which type of safe you choose will depend on your needs.

Small In Wall Jewelry Safe

These types of safes are great for storing small items like rings and necklaces.  They are usually fashioned to look like a normal household item, such as an electrical outlet, and sometimes do not even have a locking mechanism.  These will simply pull open allowing you to store your items inside and when closed up, they completely blend in with their surroundings – in plain view.

Installing these types of safes is extremely easy – all you have to do is cut a chunk of drywall out based on the measurements provided with the safes installation instructions (use a stud finder to make sure you are not going to hit a stud when you cut into the wall) and attach the safe within the cutout.  In the case of the electrical outlet type, make sure you install it where it doesn’t look out of place.  If you place it up higher or lower than your other outlets it will definitely look out of place and draw attention to it.  Electrical outlets aren't the only type of small wall safe, there is also a closet light, a clock, and with a little research online, you can probably find just about any type of household item that can mask a safe.

The price of a small wall safe is very cheap – many times you can find them for less than $10 (US).

Biometric Wall Safe

One of the most secure types of safe is the biometric wall safe. This type of safe can only be opened by you, or anybody you setup to allow. These typically require a fingerprint scan to open.

Whether it’s a biometric or combination wall safe – the installation for these is going to be a little more intensive. You will need to find a spot between two studs and remove the drywall to specifications. The safe will be mounted between the studs and will be flush up against the wall allowing you to hang something overtop of it to conceal it.

Considering the security of an in wall safe, they are relatively inexpensive. They can be found online starting at around $200 and up, even for a biometric safe – not too bad considering how secure they really are. If you are not confident about digging into your wall, a local handyman should be able to do it for you in less than a couple of hours.

A wall safe, coupled with an outdoor security camera to deter intruders, your valuables should be safe from burglars.


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