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Why Use Reclaimed Wood to Build Furniture

Updated on June 22, 2016

“Each and every one of us can make changes in the way we live our lives and become part of the solution. “- Al Gare


Some people are totally obsessed with furniture, while others don't even care about it. If you are environment savvy then you will obviously make great choices while furnishing your home or office; which in turn will leave a great impact on our planet and on our health. The interior designers of today's generation are concerned about nature while designing your home or office.

Each and every home has some or the other kind of wooden furniture. It may be an old wooden bedroom set or a beautiful wooden dinning table. It looks really grand and beautiful when your home is decorated with wooden furniture. But wooden furniture loose their appeal with time and degradation. But that is not a problem, as after polishing the wooden furniture, you can get back the lost appeal.

Reclaimed Wood – The Eco-Friendly Option to Make Furniture

It is also healthy to use reclaimed wood to make furniture at home. Reclaimed lumber is a kind of processed wood or used wood. In the modern times, reclaimed wood is much more popular than conventional wood. Most houses and offices are decorated with reclaimed woods.

Reclaimed wood refers to wood that has been used once, like used office cubicles, wine barrels, used wooden planks etc. All these woods are once again processed to be used in a much more modern and elegant way. This kind of processed wood helps in saving the environment. Using reclaimed wood to make furniture supports sustainable living, where we use and reuse rather than harming the nature again and again. Moreover, these furniture are really cost effective and do not need you to invest much.

Here are 4 reasons why reclaimed wood is a viable option to make furniture:

The Eco-Friendly Option to Make Furniture

Wasting is not good

Wasting is not at all good, it is always better if we can reuse a thing. Using reclaimed wood is better because it reduces wastage of wood. Wood is a material that can be used and reused. Producing fantastic furniture from the wood that was once thrown away, is really great. Moreover, in this way we are protecting nature.

Wasting is not good

Reclaimed wood has a good longevity

As because it is sustainable as well as durable, the reclaimed wood has survived many lives before the present one. Gone through lots of journeys and tolerated cuts, knocks, breaks and bumps but still surviving. So, the wood that has tolerated so much but still surviving, obviously the furniture made out of it will last longer. The furniture made out of these woods last a lifetime, just with a polish after a few years.

Reclaimed wood has a good longevity

It can be thought as wood CPR

It's great that a second life is given to the wood that was once being thrown away, rejected or may be destroyed. These woods come from used cubicles old buildings, ruins etc. This wood is like the phoenix, which rises from its own ashes.

Good to manufacture

While manufacturing these woods, no milling process is involved neither any harmful petroleum or synthetic based products are needed.

It's really wrong to avoid taking any responsibility of the environment and think that it's someone else's responsibility to save nature. You need to remember that everything starts from you. When you start using environment friendly furniture, slowly your neighbors, your locality and later the whole world will become environmentalist.

“ All you can change is yourself, But sometimes that changes everything!”- Gary W.Goldstein

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I work as a freelance interior designer with an obsession to write. I uses my talent to give away decoration ideas for homes and office spaces, and enjoys writing on topics for choosing the right kind of used office cubicles, shelves, home improvement ideas and other furniture.


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