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Why You Aren’t Eating at the Formal Dining Table

Updated on June 19, 2010

Most homes have a formal dining room that is separated from the kitchen and the living room. In that dining room you will find a dining table set with matching chairs and you will probably notice that it is dusty and barely used. If you take a walk into the kitchen of most homes you will find another set of chairs encircling a different kind of table and that table will show definite signs of wear and tear. Generally speaking, people don’t use their formal dining table for every meal and opt to eat most of their meals at the round kitchen table instead.

A table in the kitchen gets more use because it is simply closer to the food after it is prepared. People are lazy and they don’t want to lug dishes and hot food over to another room if they can just plop down at the table two feet away from them and start eating. Add to that the fact that a round kitchen table is more comfortable and you have a strong incentive for someone to eat there. Formal dining rooms are generally saved for the holidays and other social gatherings. When the family is just sitting at home on their own time it is preferable to eat in a more casual setting. A large round kitchen table doesn’t need to be set up with doilies and fancy silverware, you barely even need a place mat, so there isn’t that air of refinement and sophistication when you eat there.

The round kitchen table also has an advantage in its very shape. Sharp angled rectangular kitchen tables can be uncomfortable to sit at for long periods of time when you have family meals and meetings because the table legs and the table corners jab into your body and bruise your shins.

Round kitchen tables can be made with one central table leg and provide more legroom and they do away with sharp edges and corners entirely.

You aren’t eating in your formal dining room because you save that space for special events. When you use a space for a particular purpose it can be difficult to use it on a daily basis. Eating in the formal dining room every day of the week would be like brushing your teeth in the bedroom every morning. It's nice to have a separate informal table for your every day meals, so if you looking around for a new table set for your kitchen browse through the many great styles at Round Kitchen Table Ideas.


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