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Why You Need A Grow Box or Tent

Updated on May 19, 2014

A grow closet is a certain type of grow which is set up to look like a regular closet.

The only thing different from an regular closet is that it has these customizations that would make it function as an indoor growing box for plants. In other words, it’s a closet where you can grow your plants. Most of the time, grow closets are usually quaint and compact. It is supposed to be small for the sole purpose of conserving space and to be able to move it just about anywhere inside your place of living.

Like any other grow box, a growing closet can be a hydroponics set-up or can just have an open area where you can put your pots of plants, I mean plants of pot. It must have grow lights installed to provide the artificial sunlight for your babies. A lightproof reflective interior will help keep the light inside and maximize the light for your plants to soak in, and it also has good ventilation to make sure the temp stays cool inside the grow closet. On the most part, these are the basic parts of a grow closet.

There's also growing closets that has extra special features already built in it such as hydroponics grow system, odor eliminators, wireless temperature humidity readers, and CO2 generators. All these mentioned parts are special features that would make your grow closet more conducive for plants to grow. Also these parts come preinstalled to make sure your grow closet experience is the best ever.

If most people see a grow closet someplace, it can be hard to identify it as a grow area because it appears to be a regular closet. This trait is a big plus to growers who want to keep their gardening quests on the down low. A grow closet can be multiple sizes and many styles. There are those grow closets that can house 14 plus plants and some can accommodate only a single plant. Based on your preference, you can get just about any size you prefer. You can also paint and design it to blend with the inside colors and style of your home. Doing this will add more stealthiness to your grow area. They also come in different styles from a tall stand up kind to a flat and wide style.
If you are planning a stealth grow, then it seems a grow closet is the right growing set-up for you.

There's also other growing boxes that are made for stealth such as the grow cabinet

A super file cabinet grow box, personal CPU stealth grow box, speaker grow box, and there are many more styles kinds you can try to think of. Thanks to our gift of imagination, artistry, and engineering that made it possible for growing boxes to emerge.

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