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Why You Should Consider A Bed Rest Pillow

Updated on April 26, 2010

Do you know what a bed rest pillow is? Maybe you've heard of one, or told that you personally could use one. Bed rest pillows may help with your your pack posture and help relieve the pain from sitting without or with a bad form of support but they are actually not at all like a Travel Pillow, though that can be a common mistake. Bed rest pillows are the pillows with backs and arm rests. It may sound strange for a pillow to have arm rests but in reality no matter how strange it sounds a bed rest pillow is designed to help you with your back and neck posture while in bed reading, or watching TV, some people even put these pillows behind them while driving long distances.

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What Are Bed Rest Pillows Used For?

The idea of a bed rest pillow is that it is like a portable armchair. Keeping you comfortable, and in good posture while you are sitting up. Some people like to read before they go to bed, and sitting up against lumpy pillows or not using any support can make your neck stiff after a while and can cause back pain as well, so if you plan on reading for more then 10 minutes you may want to look into investing in a bed rest pillow.

A bed rest pillow is stiff so it stays in shape, and rather large, but it doesn't weigh much. It is easy to move round from place to place so you can use it in bed, in the car, on the couch or wherever you are going to be spending a lot of time sitting. Watching TV, reading a book, driving, knitting, or maybe sewing, doing craft projects, or whatever else applies to your life. Having a bed rest pillow is good for your spine, the pillow will give support to your spine which it needs or you will stress and strain the muscles in your back,/neck. So, these pillow are are the perfect thing for people who have acute and chronic back pain... it will relieve the stress on your back even if you are sitting up for hours to read, watch TV, working on another project, the possibilities are endless.  

How to Clean a Bed Rest Pillow

Now with such an odd shaped and large pillow you could be wondering how you wash it, what if your bed rest pillow gets dirty? Well, thing is a lot of bed rest pillows come with their own pillow cases or covers, and if yours does/did not then you can find bed rest pillow covers by themselves, especially online. So as long as you keep the cover pillowcase on it then you can just remove that and wash it with the rest of your laundry letting your washer do all the work.

Now in the case that your bed rest pillow gets something spilled on it, say a drink or something then you will want to, (depending on the size of your washer and what the care tag of your pillow says) see if you can wash that in your washer. It would be best to balance out the load of laundry with another pillow if possible. If not just take a damp rag or sponge and press into the pillow to soak up and wash it from the spill right away.

Depending on the humidity of where you live you will not want your bed rest pillow to start growing mildew or molds and you may want to use a hair dryer to dry the wet part of the pillow. If you live someplace that gets a lot of sun, you could put the pillow out in the sun and that would be a natural way to kill any bad smells, dust mites, other kinds of mites or anything else that may be in your pillow.


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