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Why You Should Get an Indoor Grow Tent or Grow Cabinet

Updated on June 18, 2016
Grow Cabinet / Tent
Grow Cabinet / Tent

Top Rated Grow Tent


If you can't dedicate a whole room for your grow or you need to be discreet then a growing cabinet might be your best bet.

A growing cabinet or tent are very useful methods to use for growing your plants indoors. They don't have to be very big, so even if you live high in a building or in a cozy condo space, you can still enjoy harvesting fat buds year round for your needs. Hydroponic lovers can these for hydroponic indoor grows also.

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With a grow cabinet, your going to want to try to duplicate outdoor growing conditions. You must keep the plant alive with light, water and food. Those 3 components are the primary things needed for your plants to survive and flourish.

Artificial lighting is a huge reason why growers put a grow cabinet to use where otherwise they couldn't grow.

You are going to want to get some good lights for your grow cabinet and there are a few choices for you to make. This light will differ a bit depending on the life cycle stage the plant is in. Young clones or seedlings prefer light in the blue spectrum. Plants that you want to bring to flower prefer the red and orange spectrums. There are grow lights that specialize in each spectrum and also some that do both.

The amount of light that you create in the cabinet is very important. Grow lights mimic the natural light of outdoors. That's why you should get the brightest lights you can get because they will give you flourishing plants which in turn will get you the biggest buds.

Light reflection is a huge benefit in a growing cab and that's why a high gloss white or mylar on the walls is a seasoned cabinet or tent growers standard when it comes to this.

Using soil as your growing medium is somewhat simpler I suppose, but you can also use hydroponic gardening with a hydro grow cab as well. All you have to do is set your tub of nutrients on a shelf or under the cab, that way the plants can still get the food, oxygen, and light that they need in order for them to grow.

One of my buddies who is a legal medical marijuana card holder as am I has a wicked tent set up and I will be getting mine pretty soon. I have tried most methods of growing and the tent/cabinet will be my next growing adventure because a cab grow gives you a self-contained and high quality choice for growing fat legal medical weed nugs from your pad. With this information to get you started, it is possible for you to build your own grow cabinet or you can buy a great preconstructed grow tent or cab set-up so you can have a bountiful harvest inside a condo at the 32nd floor of an apartment building or wherever you dwell.

Good luck and have a tremendous harvest.


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    • Phil The Gain profile image

      Phil The Gain 7 years ago from Planet Earth

      Some cheap and some expensive, depending on the quality of course. Regardless, they're all going to do the job though.

    • profile image

      mike hunt 7 years ago

      how much is dat ish?