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Why You Should Start Your Community Garden Today!

Updated on March 27, 2017

A community garden is an excellent way to build camaraderie within your neighborhood or family. Creating a family or community garden is hard work, but well worth it! There is so much satisfaction from seeing the fruits, and vegetables of your labor!

Ready hands make light work. Contributing to a community garden is both fun and relaxing. It is an opportunity to learn so much about how plants grow. What strategies work for which plants? Which plants need shade, versus which need direct sun? How do I provide for their needs correctly. Money crashers provides some benefits and a 'how to' for starting up your garden today!

It develops a sense of responsibility:

If the community does not water, feed, and tend to the garden, it will die. If the community does not do the work, you do not see the fruits. Everyone has important roles. If one does not do their job, it not only become clear very quickly, but it could damage the garden. Leading a community garden is a great teaching, and leadership opportunity for the right person! Honestly, it is a great opportunity for kids. Some of the work can be done by them. They will also see that their food does not simply come from the store. Check out 10 steps to starting a community garden, it shows how to incorporate kids into the mix too!

An opportunity to help those in need:

A working fruit and vegetable garden is a great way to help feed those in need! The extra fruits can go to the local homeless shelter, or food bank. This will provide those in need with delicious nutrient rich food. This is a great way to serve your neighbor!

It is great for the environment:

A community garden is great for the environment! Instead of putting your biodegradable items in the trash, you can compost! This will create nutrient rich soil that allows your plants to flourish! You can also use organic methods of pest control. This will further reduce pesticides on your food, and in the air.

It is great on the pocketbook:

Fresh fruits and vegetables can get very expensive at the grocery store. If you want to buy organic, you can add even more to that price tag. If you garden yourself, you will save money, your food tastes great, and it doesn't get fresher than right from the garden.

I love community gardens. I was so excited to start my backyard garden last year, and I'm excited to reignite it this year! There are so many benefits and the work is so rewarding. It's an awesome way to make friends over a common interest. I can't wait for you to start yours today!


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