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Why You Should Use Cast Iron Guttering

Updated on December 10, 2011

Gutters form one of the main components of a roof system and help in the diversion of rainwater that is rolling off the roof towards the underlying areas, such as eaves, foundation, walkways and soffit. Gutters are in the shape of narrow channels that run along the roof edge. They are made from various types of materials such as cast iron, aluminum, steel and vinyl. Among them all, cast iron guttering is quite popular due to their durability, longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Easy to install and maintain

With the proper installation and maintenance of cast iron gutters, you can easily prevent various problems such as flooding of basements, erosion, damage to sidings, cracking of patios and sideways. Cast iron gutters have been designed to suit the requirements of majority of customers. They are quite easy to install and can be fitted in any half round gutter profiles. They can be painted in the choicest of colors according to the needs of users. Painting also prevents rusting of these gutters.

They are easy to install and an experienced roofing contractor can do this job in a perfect way. Aside from their durability and functionality, these iron gutters look beautiful and elegant and add a timeless charm to any house. People usually prefer these gutters to protect their houses from incessant rainwater.

Various styles and sizes to suit every taste

Most of the people just concentrate on the interiors of their house when they plan any home improvement. However, a properly selected cast iron gutter can also enhance the appeal of any house. Cast iron gutters add a touch of elegance and style to your exteriors and they are easily available at affordable prices. They can enhance the looks of old country style homes in a much better way than plastic gutters. They can withstand variety of climatic conditions and are eco-friendly. You just have to clean them occasionally and paint them on the regular basis and they will last a lifetime.

Cast iron gutters are now being sought after by most of the people and offer excellent performance for years. They also help in maintaining the original architectural design of your house. Iron gutters have been designed for keeping all the basic needs of any property in mind.

You can buy cast iron gutters in various styles. Half round, molded ogee, beaded half round and Victoria ogee are few of the most popular iron gutters that are on the market. You can get half round gutters in four sizes and they are available with necessary fittings such as stop end, spigot and bracket. Beaded half round gutters offer efficient rainwater management and are quite sturdy and have low noise penetration. They are available in two sizes and you can choose the one according to your needs. Victorian ogee gutters are made from cast iron and are great for heritage style homes. Moulded ogee are much deeper than the Victorian ogee and are perfect for the large buildings such as hospitals and schools.

Long life

Cast iron gutters offer great value for money if they are maintained in a proper way. There is a danger of water leakage with the clogged gutters and can also cause early rusting of these gutters. Aside from this, leaves and debris collected in them can be a fire hazard. Therefore, these gutters should be cleaned on the regular basis. Maintenance of cast iron gutters include regular checking and cleaning for sediment buildup. They should be checked for sediment build up at least once in four years. Iron is a highly durable material and many studies have suggested that with normal maintenance every year cast iron gutters can last up to 100+ years.

If you get your home improvement works done on time, you can easily reduce lot of money and time on your gutter maintenance. Iron gutters protect your house from any rainwater damage. They not only preserve the looks of your house, but also enhance its beauty. They have a very long life and eliminate any recurring expenses on changing them often. Their durability and strength makes them ideal for all weather conditions. All these qualities make cast iron gutters an ideal choice for both modern and traditional homes.


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