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Why and How You Should Buy a Water Purifier

Updated on December 6, 2012
This is how a water purifier commonly looks like though there may be different designs.
This is how a water purifier commonly looks like though there may be different designs. | Source

Drinking impure water may well expose you to undesirable health disorderzs. Therefore, drinking purified water that comes from a water purifier is actually a must.

You may have heard more than a few times in your life that one of the things you should do in order to stay healthy is to drink plenty of water. Well, while this may be true, there are other things to which you need to pay attention as well. Simply drinking water isn’t really going to help you stay fit. This is because most of today’s water has been contaminated right from the sources. This is why it is very important to use a water purifier. A water purifier purifies the water before you drink it. As a result, you’ll be consuming healthy drinking water which has few to no contaminants. However, before you eventually fall for any particular water purifier available in the market, you had better prepare yourself with some of the tips that are about to be described below.

Why You Should Buy a Water Purifier

Researches have proven that you’ll be drinking water with no less than two thousand contaminants if you don’t use a water purifier. Some of these contaminants even turn out to be quite popular poisons. Of course, one of the last things that you want to experience in life is food or drink poisoning.

The EPA foundation have also figured out that there’s a minimum of four hundred thousand cases of children suffering from disorders when it comes to learning because the water they consume daily doesn’t go through a water purification system. Without the purification process, water the children consume contains harmful leads.

Drinking water without purification also exposes great risk to pregnant women. Oftentimes, they end up having to go through quite severe birth defects. Some people even happen to suffer from the cancer diseases because their body is stacked with toxic materials that come along with water. Additionally, epidemic diseases that happen so commonly in developing countries often occur because of impure water consumption.

However, speaking of water contamination, it may come across your mind that keeping the contamination level low should be what the municipal water treatment facilities do. Well, believe it or not, this kind of facilities isn’t always capable of accomplishing such a task. Even worse, some of them may even prove incompetent in delivering their purposes. A water purifier, on the other hand, won’t let you down as it always does its job – assuming it is in good working condition, of course. So, how should you buy a water purifier?

Consider How Big Your Family Is

The first thing that you need to take into consideration while buying a water purifier is the size of your family. You need to put the number of family members into the equation. If you have only up to about five members within your family, a simple water purifier should do the trick. An example of such a device is one that you can simply put atop the faucet of your kitchen. In this case, a manual installation should be enough. Also, you aren’t likely to have to take out a lot of money of your pocket in this case.

Yet, if you have more than five family members or if you’re planning to store the water purifier at larger places – well, at the office, maybe – than home, it is recommended that you consider buying a more advanced water purifier such as water ionization or reverse osmosis system. Well, you may need to hire professionals to do the installation for you. Additionally, you’ll have to prepare yourself to spend more money than you’ll do with a simpler system such as the one mentioned earlier. Another drawback you’ll also have to deal with is that the more complex water purification system may require a complete reconstruction of the plumbing at your house in order to accommodate the system.

Improved Water Taste after Purification

Although it may sound nice to possess a water purification system capable of improving the taste of water before you drink it, this is actually not a good choice at all. For the water purifier to be able to improve the water taste, it has to pour some additives into the water, resulting in contaminated water which is what you’re trying to avoid in the first place. Imagine what will happen if you continue to consume the water in a long term. Therefore, you had better choose a water purification that preserves essential water minerals instead.

Preserve Essential Water Minerals

It is important for you to keep in mind that some water purifiers don’t preserve the essential water minerals required by your body. However, these minerals are actually critical for your health. They help defend your body against those diseases you won’t want to suffer from.

Budget vs. Trade-Offs

In just about anything you purchase, chances are budget plays a critical role. With that being said, it makes very good sense if you choose to buy a more affordable water purifier instead of a more advanced one. However, what you should also keep in mind is that some of these affordable water purifiers really come with certain trade-offs. For example, you may need to spend quite a considerable amount of money when the time has come for maintenance. Or, you may even have to deal with the fact that your trusted water purifier proves to waste a lot of water for nothing.


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