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Why not to buy hardwood floors

Updated on October 8, 2009

The Good

I want to start this hub off by saying that wood floors are beautiful when they are new and unused. If you have a place that gets low foot traffic, or a nice big room dedicated to low use than I would suggest considering wood flooring. In it's prime wood floor is some of the best looking flooring you can buy.

Beautiful Wood Floor Examples

Diamond entrance
Diamond entrance
Kitchen layout
Kitchen layout
Custom hardwood
Custom hardwood

The Bad - Stains

These problems with wood flooring are coming from my personal experience. I currently live in a house with 75% wood flooring, but that is the extent of my background. These problems are more annoyances then actual house threatening wood floor issues. This article is designed for anyone deciding what type of flooring they want to install in a new or remodeled home to take a closer look at living wit wood flooring. Hardwood is so beautiful to look at it can "trick" someone into buying it without thinking considering these annoying features.

One of my biggest problems with hardwood floors are the stains that are left behind when something from various things. My floors have experienced stains from pet urine, ink, paint, blood and gum. These things come off as "gross" but think about how long you will be living in your house, these things occur and they are a pain to eliminate. I won't go into detail but cleaning up stains on wood floors is a custom job for each problem. There is no shout it out when it comes to hardwood. With such nice floors it only takes a few of these annoyances to ruin the entire look of a room.

Nasty Stains

The Bad - Squeaky Floors

Another concern I have with my hardwood floors is the squeak squeak squeak as you walk. This was not a problem when they were brand new but over time different parts of the wood separates causing this annoying squeak as you walk in some places. This is better explained by a professional, "in most cases the three wood floor members (the joist, subfloor and finished hardwood) have separated, and the nails binding them are moving in the nail holes. A little dust in these nail shafts makes the boards squeak." This would not be a problem if there was an easy solution, but you guessed it, no such thing.

Squeaky Floor Repair

The Bad - Sitting anything on the wood requires carpet

This is by far my biggest complaint with the wood floors I have. And the reason I think that it is so annoying to me is that I never though about this factor when I was buying floors. Wood floors are always shown beautifully with nothing on them and it makes a room look huge, but the problem is in a real home you must store your items and furniture somewhere and this usually ends up being on parts of your floor. The problem with wood floors is they scar easily. So proper procedure for setting any furniture on them, this could be chairs, tables, desks, cabinets, entertainment centers, ect just to name a few is to put carpet or special "feet" under everything so the wood does not get scared. Not only does this lead to your beautiful wood floors being covered by old or even new but out of place rugs and carpet, but it is also a pain to move any furniture. This also takes away from the appeal of the wood floor becuase it is not complimented by carpet or a rug.

Floor covered by rugs

Some Thoughts

So basically the article was created to help people choose against wood flooring in certain situations. This is just my take on floors, please feel free to share your comments. I know there is a large group of people that love wood flooring and would not live without them, as you can see I am not in that group but I do understand.

I also realize that I did not cover all the problems with hardwood, so you would like to help the readers out go ahead and put your personal experience in the comments.


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    • alexis64howell profile image

      alexis64howell 6 years ago from Los Angeles,CA

      Wow!!This is Fabulous hub.

    • bodycount profile image

      bodycount 7 years ago

      Nice things to consider thank you BUT...

      (Stains) Occur when the floor is not properly sealed/installed.

      (Squeaks) Can be easily avoided with proper installation and moisture control.

      (Furniture on hardwood) This has been dealt with many years ago with stick on and nail on felt pads that are completely invisible and extremely inexpensive.


      A.K.A Bodycount