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Why some people attract more mosquitoes than others

Updated on August 25, 2010
Photo curtosy of Google Images
Photo curtosy of Google Images

Why mosquitoes bite

Well it's summertime, that means lots of bug bites, especially mosquito bites. Ever wonder why mosquitoes bite? Ever wonder why mosquitoes bite some people more than others? Well there is an answer for this with many explanations.

Only female mosquitoes bite; this is because female mosquitoes need the amino acids from blood to use as protein for their eggs. What these mosquitoes truly want is something called isoleucine. Isoleucine is found in our blood. If a female mosquito can aquire the right amount of isoleucine, they can lay up to 100 eggs, if not, then they can only lay up to around 10.

When a mosquito punctures the skin, she lets out her saliva that has a special chemical in it that thins the blood so it does not clot, therefore, allowing her to suck up as much blood as possible. What causes the itchy red bump on the skin later on is a reaction to the mosquito's saliva.

Overall, mosquitoes bite humans as well as some other creatures in order for the survival of their species. As annoying as it may be, it is understandable.

Photo curtosy of Google Images
Photo curtosy of Google Images

Reasons for why people may attract mosquitoes

The following are a list reasons for why some people, more than others, may attract mosquitoes.

  • Cholesterol and steroids-People who have high levels of cholesterol and steroids on their skin are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. This does not mean that mosquitoes like to follow people who have high levels of cholesterol, instead, this may mean that the person produces a lot of cholesterol and it remains on the skin.
  • Certain acids-This especially goes for people with high levels of uric acid. The scent is so strong to mosquitoes that it allows them to use their sense of smell, therefore, following a particular person.
  • Carbon dioxide-Mosquitoes are drawn to carbon dioxide. People who give off a lot of CO2 are more likely to be bitten by a mosquito than others.
  • Pregnant women-This goes back to the whole carbon dioxide issue. Pregnant women exhale more CO2 than the average person, therefore, they have a greater chance of being bitten by a mosquito.
  • Blood type-Different blood types give off different types of odors that may or may not attract mosquitoes. For example, type O blood attracts more mosquitoes than any other blood type due to the fact that it has the highest odor in the body's fluids that mosquitoes pick up on.
  • Soft skin-People with soft skin make it easier for mosquitoes to penetrate their beaks into the flesh of it's target. Once the mosquito has chosen it's target, it will remain there simply for it's own ease.
  • Heat-Mosquitoes love the heat. So if a person is giving off heat, then there you go, better chance of being bitten.
  • Movement-Mosquitoes aim for moving objects. That is why many people who play outdoor sports will get numerous mosquito bites. This is from the heat and movement coming from this person.


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    • profile image

      katie 5 years ago

      I always get so many bites!!

    • lady_love158 profile image

      lady_love158 7 years ago

      I'm doomed! LOL

    • Zannie10 profile image

      Zannie10 7 years ago

      Thanks! It's the same way with me and my sister. She will come back with 10 bites and I'll have 1. She could never understand why.

    • bayoulady profile image

      bayoulady 7 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

      fascinating zannie10! I've always said they 're out to get me. My brother and I can be standing outside together and they bother only me.

    • Zannie10 profile image

      Zannie10 7 years ago

      You are very welcome! Glad I was able to help! Thanks for reading!! :)

    • profile image

      Melissa 7 years ago

      I get mosquito bites frequently, so thanks for the answers.