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Why to use serviced apartments

Updated on October 23, 2017
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A serviced apartment also referred to as a prolonged stay or service apartment is a residential suite that is fully equipped with the appliances and furniture necessary for the daily use and is available to clients for long-term or short-term stay. Serviced apartments typically provide services similar to those found in a hotel such as a laundry room, room service, and a fitness centre. Most serviced residences are located near the central business district also has Wi-Fi, fully stocked kitchens, personal dryers and washers.

Large firms and institutions frequently resort to serviced apartments to house professionals who may be on an international or local assignment, and it is not unusual for executive officials to use them as a temporary residence before switching to a more permanent home. Though serviced apartments are used mostly by professionals, they are also open to members of the public.

One of the biggest advantages of serviced apartments is that they provide more living space than a typical hotel room. This would be particularly beneficial to individuals who stay within the city for a long period of time. Since they usually have distinct dining and living areas, you won’t be confined to a small cluttered room and will have enough space to relax and unwind.

Another benefit of Serviced apartments is that they usually have multiple bathrooms and bedrooms connected to a main living area, a convenient arrangement for couples who have to travel with children or with another group of people. This kind of arrangement would ensure that all parties have sufficient living and privacy but also provide the allowance for interaction in the main living area. Most service apartments will provide the same quality of services you'd find in a hotel at a lower cost. Though this often means that some will ask you to pay for at least a few months, they still offer a great bargain for fine living.

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