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Why No Futons Are Complete Without Futon Covers

Updated on January 25, 2012

Futon Covers

Black Futon Sofa Bed
Black Futon Sofa Bed
Burgundy Futon Cover
Burgundy Futon Cover
Sports Futon Cover
Sports Futon Cover

Our family has always preferred futons instead of regular mattresses, but we'd never given much thought to futon covers. We simply loved the support a futon mattress provided us, allowing us to wake up each morning after a better night's sleep and no more back pain, too.

Because we receive a lot of guests throughout the year, one day we decided to create extra living space by purchasing a futon sofa bed for the living room. The old hideaway bed couch we currently had, family would joke, was like a torture device. Everyone would actually draw straws to see who would get stuck sleeping on it. It was definitely time to add another futon to our home so our guests could also sleep well.

We hadn't searched for futons in a long time, because they last so long. We were amazed to see all of the beautiful, decorative futon covers we could choose from now, to compliment our living room. I had been worried that our new futon couch would be traditional solid colors. But with a stylish futon cover, our room looked like we had redecorated!

Aside from the positive, aesthetic features of futon covers, they provide protection for our investment. No worry about spills, pets or wear and tear. They clean up easily, can be removed for laundering and, if they were damaged in any way, they could be replaced without replacing the futon mattress. I could even get a different cover if I wanted to redecorate the living room, without needing to buy a new couch.

Another benefit of futon covers is that they make your bed or sofa more sanitary. Unlike a normal mattress or sofa that cannot be deep cleaned without paying high prices for professionals, I can have peace of mind that the dirt, germs and pet dander is routinely eliminated.

Once I discovered how necessary a futon cover was to preserve my futons, protecting them from spills and keeping them sanitary, I went and made sure every futon in the house had one. If you enjoy all of the benefits of futons, make sure you have futon covers for each one in your home.

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