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Wide Cleaning Path Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on March 16, 2011

Wide Area Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Do you service customers with long hall ways, big carpeted rooms that you need to vacuum regularly?

If you are using small vacuums (most commercial models are 12" wide vacuums) to do jobs like these will be waste of your time and energy.

You should look into a wide area commercial vacuum cleaner.

Yes, they are expensive, but if you consider the cost of time and labor, it will work out for you in a long run.

There are many different manufacturers make wide area vacuums. Most popular size is 20 to 30" wide vacuums. Electric models with push type, but you can also pull to clean. There are rider vacuums too, if you have a large shopping centers that needs to be vacuumed every night and these are battery operated.

So, before looking to purchase one, you should check them out and see whats available and if you can request for a demonstration from a local distributor should be helpful in making a right decision in getting the right model for your needs.

Like any other cleaning equipment that needs tender care to run well and last long time, please do regular maintenance on your vacuums. These are some basic things that you should do on a regular bases.

Change paper bags regularly. It should be changed about 75% full.

Check the brush and clean up hairs and other matters that might have stuck on the rollers.

Check the belts and change when you see any cracks or much has worn out.

Do not run over the electrical cords.

Do not yank the cords from a distance from an outlet.

Do not vacuum over wet carpets, unless your vacuum is dry and wet vacuum.

Do not vacuum big chunky items, it will get stock between brushes and vacuum hose.

Take care you tools and they will take care of you.

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Wide Area Cleaning Commercial Vacuum Cleaners


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