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Different Kinds of Outdoor Wind Spinners

Updated on February 4, 2011

Swirling Wind Spinners

Wind Spinners go back a long way and have become a very popular outdoor yard decoration. They have also come a long way in the different designs and materials. Wind spinners can be either made from a weather resistant vibrantly colored material, metal, copper or even wood.

Many people place these wonderful swirling wind spinners throughout their yards and due to their versatility they can be hung from trees, decks and decks. They can also be placed on the lawn or in the garden depending on which type of wind spinner you choose.

Wind Spinners came in many wonderful designs, colors, styles and materials that will complete your outdoor yard decor. There are seasonal Wind Spinners for the holiday, anniversaries, birthdays, vehicles, hobbies and the list goes on.

What's Your Favorite Wind Spinner?

Metal Wind Spinners are made from steel or copper and are rust and weather resistant. These metal spinners are made so that as they spin and move, the reflection of light on the metal creates a kaleidoscope effect. Most have a central point or decoration in the middle with the outer rings creating the spiral effect. These metal wind spinners are fun to watch for hours on end.

Wind Twisters are another type of garden wind spinners. They and add a vibrant colorful and a special touch to your outdoor yard decorations. Wind Twisters typically have a decoration that spins at the top with long tendrils or tails that hang below and blow in the wind

Hot Air Balloons Wind Spinners are my favorite garden wind spinner, they are made of 6 panels that will spin with the softest of breezes and vibrant weather resistant and UV resist material that will last for years to come. These wonderful hanging hot air balloons come in many different designs for the seasons, holidays and will fit in with any outdoor decor that you have. These hanging Hot Air Balloons will have you imagining far off places and drifting away on a soft breeze.

Magical Mushroom Spinners are Wind Spinners that are shaped like a mushroom with the top comprised of 6 panels catching the slightest of breeze creating a wonderful spinning motion and is a welcome addition to any garden. Made with superior weather resistant material to keep their bright and vibrant colors for years to come. Magical Mushroom Wind Spinners are almost 2 feet tall so placing them in your garden will create a beautiful wind garden.


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