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The Best Window Cleaning Supplies For Beginners

Updated on January 16, 2014

Window Cleaning Supplies You Need

For those who are getting ready to start a window cleaning business or just need a list of window cleaning supplies that professionals use, the following equipment is what most of us in the industry use on a regular basis. Window cleaning tools vary by brand and each person has their own preference. In order to do the job right and make your customer happy, you will need the correct equipment which makes any job go smoother and the end result is cleaner windows.

Window Cleaning Ladders

Window cleaning ladders are what professionals use to reach high and difficult locations around a home or office building. The typical extension ladder may be fine for most applications but for most window cleaners, sectional or what some call piece ladders are the best to use. These are stackable ladders that are generally 6 foot sections each. The top section comes to a curved point and is easy to use on strange angles where traditional ladders will not work. A half section is used to help with height adjustment. The amount of 5 1/2 sections is considered enough to do most jobs up to 3 stories. Thes ladders can be purchased at specialty stores and window cleaning supplies outlets.

Step Ladders

You will also need a step ladder for those areas which are just out of reach. This may be windows over front entry doors or any other window which is slightly to high to do the job correctly. Sometimes these are used to clean interior fans and light fixtures also. A 6 foot step ladder works for most jobs but sometimes an 8-10 foot is needed.

Extension Poles

Pole work is very common in window cleaning jobs. Poles are mostly used on commercial buildings when a ladder is not appropriate or cost effective. Storefront window cleaning is one place you will definately need one and having the right size is important. It is wise to have a couple of different sizes and two of each if possible as most of these jobs are done by more then one worker. Window cleaning supply stores will offer a wide range and most janitorial stores will also carry them in stock. Typically a 8 foot extension pole will cover most storefront jobs but a larger 20-25 foot extension pole is used for taller commercial windows.

Window Cleaning Squeegees

Having the right squeegee for the job makes all the difference. A professional window cleaner understands that each window may require a different size and technique. Window cleaning squeegees come in many brands and most cleaners find a brand they enjoy and stick with it. A pro will make sure they have a variety of squeegees in several sizes so any job can be completed correctly and efficiently. Window cleaning supplies and equipment can be purchased over the internet if there is no store in your area. The typical pro will carry a 18" squeegee along with a 12", 8", and a 4".

Squeegee Bucket

A window cleaning bucket can be just about anything that will hold enough water to do the job correctly. Most cleaners use a 5 gallon bucket and if you cannot find one around the house then they are easily purchased at any hardware store for little money.

Scrapers For Window Cleaning

The right scraper is very important for safety and doing the job without causing any damage to the windows. Most scrapers which are bought at hardware stores will scratch the window if you are not careful. They are usually just not sharp enough to do the job right. Window cleaning scrapers are designed to stay sharp and cut down on the chances of scratching glass. They also come with caps to prevent the user from being cut accidentally. Scrapers should only be used by window cleaning pros who understand that applying soap to the surface of the glass before scraping is key.

Additional Window Cleaning Supplies And Equipment


The best rags or towels for window cleaning are surgical towels. These are generally blue and can be purchased brand new or reconditioned. They are 100% cotton and lint free. They are very absorbant and will not leave marks if used correctly. You can find them at window cleaning supply stores and in most janitorial stores.

Cleaning Solution

The most common solution used by professional is a mixture of dishwash liquid and water. Some add amonia to the mix but this can be dangerous if you plan on cleaning windows with solar film or any other specialty glass. A couple of squirts of liquid for every 3-5 gallons is usually enough.

Bucket On A Belt And Holsters

You will want a bucket on a belt which is a small rectangular container which attaches or clips to your belt. These are great for high ladder work to keep your wand wet for scrubbing windows. Holsters are great for ground work and ladder work if you like. They can carry 1 or 2 squeegees at a time for easy access when working.


These are the basic window cleaning supplies you will need to run an efficient window cleaning business. Depending on how big you would like to grow your company there is more equipment you may like such as lifts and repelling gear. Hi-rise window cleaning can also be a fun and rewarding business to own. With this type of business liability is even greater along with insurance rates. Good luck finding the window cleaning equipment you need to have success.

Don't feel intimidated by starting a new business. Get the right window cleaning supplies from all of these great resources and then get to advertising and grow that company. It does take patience and some hard work but is well worth it! Anything in life that has value takes some work. Just dedicate yourself and then do what needs to be done.


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    • Starlin Messi profile image

      Starlin Messi 

      5 years ago

      Thanks for the informative hub. I really like the information you have included in your hub post. Window cleaning work is really hard and contains lots of risks, so the professionals who are involved in this job need to have full security equipments. The equipments you have included in your post are all important for the security purpose. Great and informative hub!!!!


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