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Window Fan For Cool Summer Breeze - Kitchen Fans That Work

Updated on March 31, 2011
Turbo Fan
Turbo Fan

Use a window fan to get a cool summer breeze in the house, kitchen, bedroom bathroom.

Window kitchen fans are perfect for cooling off the kitchen, while cooking during the hot summer months.

The window fan fits nicely in the average window and can be set to either blow a cool breeze into the kitchen or suck the hot air out.

Many times, if a window across the room is opened and the fan is pointing out, then a nice cool breeze will circulate the entire kitchen or room.

Window fans are great in the bedroom during those hot summer nights. The cross breeze of having one fan pointing in and the other fan pointing out can supply a natural breeze for sleeping.

One fan, most times, will give enough cool breeze from the outside air to help bring some comfort to the bedroom air.

Spring time air is refreshing, whether fresh spring air to sleep with or to get some clean air to push out the stale smells, that a house or apartment can accumulate, after a long closed up winter.

If living in warmer climates, then a window fan is a must for the days when the air has come to a stand still. This circulation breeze can help cool with the rest of the whole house fans that may be used through out the flat, apartment, condo or house.

Why not Air Conditioner or Ceiling Fan

Air conditioners can be costly on the electric bill plus they are big, heavy and bulking. Usually an AC unit needs to be a perfect fit for the size window that it is to be used in.

Also a special outlet may have to be used, because many of the air conditioners run on a different voltage system.

If the proper outlet isn't already in place near that window, then new wiring would have to be installed by a professional electrician.

Having a ceiling fan installed professional isn't cheap either,and could be installed as a DIY project.

The only disadvantage is they work harder to get the fresh air from the outside. The ceiling fans are nice and work well in the dining room or living room.

The only problem is that they are something you have to look at year round, so there are many more factors to consider when installing ceiling fans

Universal Box Fans

Another great style of window fans are the box fan. These type of fans can either be placed in a large window or set on a the floor.

Portable yet durable, these wall fan square type or better known as box fans have many more uses.

They are not only great for the home during the hot months, they can be used during home improvement projects that need ventilation during painting and such.

Many contractors choose this style of fan to take on the job to circulate the air while they are working during a construction project.

Holmes Twin Window Fan


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