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Window Security Gates

Updated on October 6, 2010

The perimeter of your home is secure, but there is always that extra prevention from crime that can be added to a home, retail shop, or commercial building to help keep people with sticky fingers away from your family, employees, and belongings. Using window security gates on the bottom floor of a home or office building can cause a lot of grief for someone trying to effectively steal your hard earned assets, and since most burglars are out for the easy money, they will move on to another target that is much easier to access than your property.

Window Security Gates

window security gates
window security gates

Window Security Gates

There are several companies that make this type of window theft prevention product, and you will find local welding shops that specialize in making security bars for windows as well. This will also give you the opportunity to have the burglar bars made to fit the exterior decor of your home or business, and not just slap up the standard black painted jailhouse type products. Of course they will cost a little more, but you can also have them powder coated for complete future rust prevention, and have any type of locking system that you would prefer installed on them too. This will be an opportunity to have matched to your driveway security gates and automatic gate openers.

Burglar Bars

By almost any city, and state fire codes window security gates or bars have to be able to release from the inside in case of a fire or explosion. You must always keep your paths of egress clear and free to comply with these codes and laws or fines, and criminal charges could be launched against you. Typically, you will need a city permit to install such devices, as it will need to be known by the building inspector, and fire department. This is a positive action even though it may appear to be government red tape, as the fire department will have this information in their emergency database and will know immediately they may need additional equipment to get through those door and window bars you have installed.

Security Gates

Be sure and educate your family and or employees during fire drills on how to unlock these window bars so they can escape from a fire unharmed. Also, check with your homeowner's and business insurance agency on how much of an additional discount you can realize from their installation. This may help defray a good percentage of your costs for such a project. You may want to go ahead and confer with your insurance company before your purchase to see if there is an advantage of buying one particular type or another that will save even more money.


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    • Crime Shield profile image

      Crime Shield 6 years ago

      You don't have to be restricted to security bars though, here in the UK a new unbreakable window we call the WindowShield, much more pleasing on the eye.