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Window Treatment Ideas

Updated on December 16, 2009
Use your personal style to create your window treatments and you won't go wrong.
Use your personal style to create your window treatments and you won't go wrong.

Window Treatment Ideas - Introduction

Window treatment ideas may be difficult to come by when you are faced with so many choices. It can be confusing to figure out what the best treatment for your window should be. If you rely on your personal style you will not go wrong. This hub will discuss window treatment ideas that you can use to help sort through your choices.

Living room with a bold design palette and soft drapes in a neutral tone.
Living room with a bold design palette and soft drapes in a neutral tone.

Window Treatment Ideas

You may have just moved in and are faced with bare windows to cover, or you may just be tired of your old treatments and want to make a change. When you change window treatments the mood of the whole room will change as well. You will want to show off your personal style while enhancing the room's d├ęcor.

First, you should decide upon the style of your room, contemporary, traditional, country, or eclectic. One you have this figured out finding the direction you want to go with your window treatments will be much easier.

If your room is decorated in the traditional style, you would not want to add country style window treatments to that room. A traditional approach would be treatments that carry forth the style. The color palette of the curtains for such a room can be neutral or based on jewel tones, the fabrics are luxurious and plentiful, and details such as tassel trims are often added to the draperies.

If the architecture of your room is extraordinarily interesting, you may want to consider leaving your windows bare in that part of your home. You will have to consider your energy bill and your privacy if you take this approach.

Color, pattern and texture play an important role in you're in the design of your window dressings. I you have decorated your room in a soft palette, you might want something bold and bright on the windows. If you are having difficulty selecting the colors you want to work with, consider using a color wheel to help you make your choices.

You can include more than one pattern in your window treatments. You can design a window treatment for a room without much pattern using a number of materials. You can combine treatments such as wood blinds covered with tie-back panels and a valance to create a rich and varied window. The warmth of the wood will result in added depth in your treatment of the windows.

You will always want to consider texture when decorating your windows. You may have a mostly wood-filled space with a few upholstered pieces. To inject warmth to such a room you could add soft, voluptuous curtains. In a room with drywall or plaster with carpeting, consider using wood as a background, using blinds or shades underneath the top window treatment to warm up the room with wood tones.

You may want to design the window treatments yourself, there are many patterns, kits and other options for do-it-yourself window coverings. When looking for ideas, visit Youtube and eBay to spark the creative process. These web sites are great resources for new products and window treatment options.

You might decide to go with custom window coverings. Custom window coverings are crafted to fit the window contours snugly and will result in the best fit for your window. Custom window coverings are no more an option than your carpeting or flooring. Everyone deserves to have window treatments that work well and are properly fitted. Consider the idea that you may save money on energy costs by having your windows custom fit for their treatments.

Vintage kitchen window over the sink.
Vintage kitchen window over the sink.

Window Treatment Ideas - Bay Window And Kitchen Treatments

Some windows may present special challenges, such as bay window treatments and kitchen window treatments. There are special considerations to consider when designing window covers for windows in areas like these.

If you are lucky enough to have bay windows, you probably love them, but may be sure how to cover the windows. Coming up with the perfect window treatment for bay windows is easier than you think.

A bay window is usually a three-sided window extension that projects out from the wall plane and forms a recess within. A bay window is delineated by an interior decorative arch; a Victorian walk-in can accommodate a sofa and chairs in the bay, while shallower bays may have window seats.

Bow windows are curved bay windows, an Oriel is a bay window supported by brackets or corbels, often used as an accent window, and a greenhouse or garden window is a bay window topped with glass. Larger greenhouse bays may be used as sun rooms.

Bay windows are wonderful windows to leave uncovered, especially if your window has handsome window frames and you want to show it off. Most often though, bay windows do not have the greatest of views and privacy so you will want to cover windows of this sort.

A simple set of shades or blinds with a continuous valance or a series of shallow swags will often be perfect for your bay windows. Carefully planned, your windows will look great with the curtains either up or down. If you are using a valance make sure that the top treatment covers the under treatments as they are raised.

Kitchen windows offer another unique set of circumstances to deal with. Your kitchen window treatments may well be the most important treatments in your home. Much time is spent in the kitchen cooking and preparing food, and often is a congregation place for family gatherings.

Your kitchen window treatments should blend with your cupboards, the flooring and lighting. Choosing the right colors and texture, and having the right theme are most important to the overall appeal of your kitchen.

A kitchen window should allow as much light in as possible so that the beauty of the wood and kitchen surfaces will show. Most often, kitchen windows are located near the sink. This means that water and moisture will most likely get on your window as well. Keeping this in mind, you will want to select window covers that wipe down easily or that are easily cleaned.

You will not want any dangling cords, shades with a cordless lift will avoid a cluttered look and and keep the cords out of the disposal. If you use wood window coverings in your kitchen, be aware that the moisture around the sink can crack the blinds. There are blinds made out of composite material that has been designed to look like real wood that can be used instead.

Make sure that whatever window coverings you choose for your kitchen allows for ventilation and can stand up to the heat of your appliances. As with any room, you will want to consider the amount of light control and privacy that you want for your kitchen.

Whatever window you are selecting window treatments for, don't forget to instill your own personal style. Be creative and choose what you feel is the right choice for your windows. Try something that is entirely new, or go with something that is a complimentary color instead of the same color family. You don't have to stick with your traditional idea of how a window should look in a kitchen.

Window Treatment Ideas For Odd Shaped Windows

How To Choose Window Treatments

Bright, colorful curtains add interest and color to this quiet spot.
Bright, colorful curtains add interest and color to this quiet spot.
Colorful window scarves are draped over this sheer to create a stunning effect.
Colorful window scarves are draped over this sheer to create a stunning effect.
Soft, neutral colors and lace paired with splashes of color are used to create a quiet effect in this bath.
Soft, neutral colors and lace paired with splashes of color are used to create a quiet effect in this bath.

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      7 years ago

      I am looking for cascade and jabot window sets in prints.

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      8 years ago

      This articles is really good, and give me more experience to improve my site related site.

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      8 years ago from Seattle

      I love your bay window window treatment ideas. Thanks for all of the great ideas. Nice hub.

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      8 years ago

      I Appreciate your for such wonderful informative article, great job i like it.


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