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Free Window shutters from wooden pallets

Updated on November 15, 2016

Shutter from pallet

Window Shutters from Free Pallets

There are many things you can make from wooden pallets. You can usually get pallets for free. Making window shutters are one of the easiest things you can make with pallets.Here is a way one could make window shutters from free pallets.
The boards on pallets are around 3" to 5"wide and approx. 40" long..You can cut the boards at different sizes depending on the pallet and the size you need for a particular window.

  • carefully pry the boards of the pallet or use a reciprocating saw to cut the nails
  • lay 5 boards on a flat surface with top and bottom edges flush with 1/2" gap between them
  • cut 2 boards to lay across the 3 boards about 1 10" from top and 1 10" from bottom
  • screw in boards (stainless steel or deck screws
  • repeat same steps for other shutter.
  • now paint ..
  • now you have rustic shutters you can use on your home or garden shed

Tell me things you made from Pallets in the comment section below.

Other Things To Build With Free Pallets

  1. Bird Houses
  2. Doll Houses
  3. Cast Iron Heater Covers
  4. shelves or Your Garage or Shed
  5. Crafts
  6. Coffee Table
  7. Bench
  8. Picture Frames
  9. shed door
  10. barn door
  11. workbench
  12. chicken coop
  13. dog house
  14. fence
  15. Chicken nesting box.
  16. compost bin
  17. Sign

Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating Saw

The reciprocating saw is a very handy tool, especially for cutting pallets. The reciprocating saw is more for demolition tool, so its a great way to cut through those tough pallet nails.There are many reciprocating brands. Dewalt, Milwaukee,porter cable,Makita, Hitachi and many many more. You can get a corded or battery reciprocating saw. There are pros and cons in corded and battery but my opinion not worth beating yourself over. The one thing I will say about an battery is that if you get a good 18 or 20 volt quality brand you don have to worry about plugging the cord in.The corded you don't have worry about draining the battery.

There are also different blades for the reciprocating also to choose from. Some blades for metal cutting, wood cutting,wood embedded nail blade and even a pruning blade.The wood nail embedded blade is perfect for pallets. Also there are different lengths of the reciprocating blades. 4",6" 9" and 10". The best thing would be experiment with the saw and blades. Practice on scrap pallets or wood so you can get a good feel of the tool.

Fence Made From Free Pallets

I was amazed when I visit my uncle some years back. He just purchase a house with about 5 acre's . The part I was amazed about, was that he put a fence around his whole property using wood from pallets. He took the wood off the large pallets and painted them. Purchase some post and went to work. This is something you could do. Many free pallets out there. Make a smaller one around your garden or just the corners of your property. Many uses

Sand Well

 Make sure you sand well if you are building above projects. Sand with a palm sander or by hand with sanding block.. Sander paper can be found in most home improvement or hardware stores.. In Lowes you can find in Tool World or in Paints. List other things you could make.

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