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Wine Glass Charms Are The Newest Party Trend

Updated on March 20, 2011

Wine Glass Charms Are A Must For Your Next Party

A new trend emerging at parties is the use of wine glass charms. A wine glass charm is like a small bracelet that you attach to the stem of your wine glass. Wine glass charms typically come in a set of four or six charms on a ring or clasp, with each one being a unique color or shape.

Sets can cost anywhere from five to thirty dollars. People use them to keep track of their wine glass at a party. If you set your drink down somewhere you will be able to identify later on by the charm on the stem.

Wine Glass Charms Are Suitable For Any Occasion

Wine glass charms are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, anniversary parties, a back yard barbecue, wine glass tastings or themed parties. They can be a stylish decorative accessory. Some charms to choose from are pumpkins and ghouls for Halloween, turkeys or fall leaves for Thanksgiving, hearts and cupids for Valentine's Day, bunnies or colored eggs for Easter and holly and gingerbread men for Christmas.

There is no end to the variety of wine glass charms.
There is no end to the variety of wine glass charms.

Wine glass charms are usually made from wooden, plastic or metal charms but may also be made from colored stones or glass beads. The choice of styles and colors are endless. If your party theme is somewhat unusual, the charms can be custom made through certain companies.

The charms are great for wedding or birthday favors and have become quite popular as souvenirs. You can personalize metal charms by having them engraved. If you're guest list is small you can have them made with your guests names.

Wine glass charms with a company logo or name engraved on them are a great promotion idea. You can get them made in a wide array of metal finishes.

Wine glass charms are tiny and lovely.
Wine glass charms are tiny and lovely.

Wine Glass Charms Can Be Personalized

Whether you like to drink fine vintages from fine crystal wine glasses like Riedel wine glasses, or cheap wine from plastic wine glasses, you can't go wrong with wine glass charms.

Beaded wine glass charms are very popular to commemorate special occasions, such as Christmas wine glass charms and wedding wine glass charms. Silver wine glass charms are the most durable as they are usually crafted from fine quality materals, and silver will not react with your skin and turn green.

Charms for wine glasses, also known as wine glass stem charms can be appealing and lovely. It is fairly easy to master the art of making wine glass charms so that you can spend a few enjoyable hours producing your own personalized wine glass charms for family and friends.

With your own handmade wine glass charms, you can get the individualized look of custom wine glass charms at a price that would barely buy you some of the cheap wine glass charms. You can start by buying wholesale wine glass charms' beads and wine glass charm rings, and start your own assembly process!

A wine glass charm is always a welcome gift as wine glasses charms are appreciated by women of all ages.

Wine glass charms can be artistic masterpieces!
Wine glass charms can be artistic masterpieces!

It's Easy To Make Your Own Wine Glass Charms

While it is possible to purchase wine glass charms for every occasion, it is easy to make your own. You simply need some form of metal ring with a clasp and colored beads or metal charms. String the charms or beads on the ring and you've got your very own fashionable wine accessory. Use beads that match your homes décor to make them fit your individual style.

Make Your Own Wine Glass Charms!

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      stemless wine glass 6 years ago

      I saw some nice wine glasses on ebay. Thanks for nice information.

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      well done article thanks for the information ..

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      Rose Barrett 7 years ago

      I love these charms! Not only are the adorable they help you not lose your wine glass at parties! Thanks Hal.

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      Thanks! Enchante'! :)

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      Montana Farm Girl 8 years ago from Northwestern Montana

      "Charming" hub :-)!!! I have seen them, and some are so beautiful...what a nice way to add a little extra something to a special occasion!!