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Wine cellar designs

Updated on December 1, 2010

Wine cellar designs

 Designs of a Wine Cellar

Designs of wine cellars depend on many factors and of course the aesthetic taste of the owner. The right wine cellar may be an object of family pride where beautiful wine collections are stored. The cellar may be built in a contemporary or an old school style. Below we provide technical, functional, and useful tips, various design focus, as well as information on wine cellar designs. We hope here you will find answers at least to some of your questions about which designer solution to prefer.


Technical Tips

If your wine collection is below 200 bottles need not bother oneself with a cellar. A special fridge will be all you need. However, if you definitely need one do not worry if it seems there is no much free space in your house. A creatively and rationally adapted small space may quite suffice your needs. Consider your preferences for the cellar; would it be intended for storage only or event for wine tasting and dining? Consider the following spots as an option: any unused room in the house or a closet under the stairs. If the cellar will have a window it will add extra challenge on the cooler BTUs; double-pane and temper the window. Humidity and light are important conditions in wine storage, also air temperature is. The latter should remain constant at 55-57 F. Expect to have bottle capacity in a decent cellar (59″ deep and 72″ wide) round 700-714 bottles. Whatever design, the room or closet would most likely need to be profoundly remade to fit all requirement of the wine cellar.


Functional Tips

You should be able to easily reach the bottles in the cellar.

Wine should be located and stored easily.

Use material that stands low temperatures: treated lumber, stone, brick Do not use carpet!


Focus on Brick

This design will be especially desired if the building itself is built in brick. Extend small panels of concrete or brick walls. Use natural or faux bricks. Shelves can be of any material: wood, marble, or plastic lumber. If bottles rest lengthwise, with their bases turned outwards, it is easy to check their labels.


Focus on Vintage Wood

A custom design in teak or antique mahogany may cost you a fortune. However, a professional designer may give your wine cellar a vintage look with less expensive materials. The vintage style of the wine cellar should also be noticed in the table, side bar, cabinets, shelves, racks, boxes and every other minor object.


Focus on Limestone

This design will bear reference to French countryside. The central aspect here is grey stucco finish which should be applied over the walls. However, bare brick walls will also be fine. Racks should be made of French limestone. This type of design has been proved to have a perfect effect on wine storage and maturing.


Useful Tips

The wine cellar should not necessarily be in the basement.

You may redesign the pantry as a wince cellar.

The crucial aspect in wine cellar (whatever design) is constant temperature and humidity. Insufficient humidity dries out the corks and evaporates wine. A good climatech is a must.


That’s all we wanted to tell you about wine cellar designs basics. Hope you find it useful.


How To Choose A Wine From The Wine Cellar


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