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Winter Bedroom Decoration Using Wall Art

Updated on January 10, 2015


Winter is a powerful season. It keeps us at home more than other times of year, making decisions to go outside difficult. It makes them an issue -- something that rarely happens during the other seasons. On the other hand, winter is the time when we truly appreciate the comfort of home. Nothing beats sitting near a warm heating device, watching you favorite movie or television show, hearing, somewhere in the back, the winds howl. Decorating for winter is important because sitting inside can become too comfortable -- in other words, boring.

Landscape Decor

Landscape decoration is a natural choice for this season. Winter can change the landscape dramatically in the course of one day, even a few hours, bringing an exciting element of surprise to the people. Like autumn, winter has "physical evidence" to prove its coming. Snow, however, can be manipulated in many fun ways: snowballs, snow men and women, ice-hills, and so on. I think that looking at snow in art can be entertaining in similarly many ways. My favorite winter landscape is Bruegel the Elder's "Hunters in the Snow" -- it's a panoramic work of art that depicts nature's beauty and various human activities.

Fireplace Decoration

A real fireplace can be very costly and impractical. Wide screen televisions, however, have become more economically viable during the last few years, and their prices will probably continue to decline. What's the link between a fireplace and a wide screen TV? Well, how about a DVD that can turn the latter into the former? These cute disks contain moving images that can give you the illusion -- the warm illusion -- of sitting near a fireplace. There are several options with different lighting and accompanying music that you can choose from according to your preference. There's always the possibility of turning the sound off and putting on something that fits your taste.


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