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Extra ordinary uses of Table salt .

Updated on July 22, 2014

Salt is one of the most important dietary mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride It's essential to make our food taste good, for one time a person can have food without spices but definitely cannot do without salt ,it may be that you eat less or more salt in your dish .

Here are some ways of using salt for house improvement:

  • Table salt is mainly used in cooking and as a table condiment but it has many other uses

Salt and Sugar Together Can Take Care of Your Weekness If Disolved in Water and Consumed When Need Be

Make ORS with salt and water .
Make ORS with salt and water .

  • Make a scented air freshener by layering rose petals and salt in a pretty fashionable jar with a tight fitted lid .Remove the lid to release the perfume and freshen the room with soothing smell of roses .
  • Clean artificial flowers made of silk or synthetic fabric flowers by placing them in a paper bag with 50 grams of common salt .Shake gently and the flowers will be crisp and bright once more
  • Shine brass and copper articles with salt it helps to remove green tarnish by applying a paste of equal part of salt flour, and vinegar ,use a soft cotton cloth to rub the paste ,rinse with warm and soapy water and buff to make it shine .
  • keep common salt in a bottle in the bathroom it helps to remove bad odour from the bathrooms and toilets.
  • make permanent color with salt in the dye it helps to fix the colour ,never to get rid of it
  • salt provided the best-known food preservative, especially for meat and pickle .
  • It is regarded auspicious and is thus used in religious ceramony
  • If the salt is heated and compressed on the pain affected area for forty days it subsides the pain
  • If ice cream or kulfi is placed in salted ice it takes long time to melt
  • Rock and sea salt is melted and applied on the painful joints of the body to reduce pain or warm water with salt is used as a mouth wash to remove throat infection .
  • put some salted water in the plants sometimes it helps to provide minerals to the soil especially plants like coconut and palm trees in your garden .It helps them to grow well, its like using ordinary things for extra ordinary things
  • give yourself a mouth wash with salty water before going to bed it keeps your 32 teeth free of bacterial attack


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