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Without A Home Address

Updated on February 23, 2015

Without A Home Address

It is very hard being homeless. Not just because of not having housing but because a person has no address. The powers that be, need to make a way for the homeless to get mail and phones in order to apply for services and get the phone calls they need as well as to make calls they need to make. So many homeless remain homeless because of this one technicality. How is a person to be able to become productive in society when they cannot be contacted or contact essential others. We all judge the homeless but if you have not walked in their shoes then you have no right to judge because no one knows what limits them or what they are trying to do with their lives only to be stumped by not having the means to get what they need to become unhomeless. If you know someone or see someone that is homeless go up to them and ask them how can I help you better your life. You may be surprised by their answer.


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