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Wonderful Insect Eating Carnivorous Plants! Attractive Images of Ferocious Plants

Updated on November 4, 2012

Insect Eating Plants

Are there Man Eating Plants?

From my childhood I have heard the stories about man eating trees of Africa. Think about it. You are roaming about in some unknown dense forest of Africa and suddenly a vine crept about and grabs your leg! Then it entangles you with ancient tentacles! How fantastic!

Now, I know that outside the realm of fantasy there is no man eating tree. But there are some small versions of those vegetable monsters. These predator plants catch insects to eat. Here are some of such insect eating plants for you.

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Venus Flytrap

The Most Famous Carnivorous Plant

Venus Flytrap catches not only fly but also any small insects and digests them. Look at the red sensuous traps ready to shut whenever a foolish insect comes there. The bright red color of the traps are for attracting the unfortunate insects who will think these as harmless flowers. This is an instant action insect eating plant, a plant which snaps instantly like a crab.

Venus Flytrap : Insect Eating Plant
Venus Flytrap : Insect Eating Plant | Source

Venus Flytrap in Action Video

Pitcher Plants

A Pitcher Plants is a very weird plant indeed. Look at the goblets hanging from each leaves end. These pitchers are full of a type of sweet smelling liquid. This is a passive hunter. It does not snaps on any insect but silently digests them. Pitcher Plants are one of the most publicly known insect eating plants.

Images of Pitcher Plants

The Goblet of a Pitcher Plant
The Goblet of a Pitcher Plant
Pitcher Plants are Carnivorous
Pitcher Plants are Carnivorous

Cobra Lily or Darlingtonia californica

Cobra Lily has a very sinister looks. The place full of bunch of Cobra Lilies will certainly make you a bit afraid. This plant is actually a type of pitcher plant and eats insects. These are one of the most weird looking insect eating carnivorous plants.

Cobra Lily Images

Cobra Lily : Insect Eating Plants
Cobra Lily : Insect Eating Plants

How Cobra Lily Traps Victims

Cape Sundew

The tentacles of Cape Sundew looks like a poisonous insect. The dew like liquid of the tentacles works as gum to stick the unfortunate animal. It helps the plant to digest its prey too.

Cape Sundew

Cape Sundew : the insectivorous plant
Cape Sundew : the insectivorous plant

Water Wheel Plant

Carnivorus plants can even be found in water. Water Wheel Plant is an example. It feeds on small water animals and larva. It catches its preys using a snap trap.

Water Wheel : the under water  insectivorous plant
Water Wheel : the under water insectivorous plant


They look rather cute. The ‘dew’ which is on the tentacles digests the animals fool enough touch these deadly hairs. A Sundew plant looks like a tiny red flower on the ground.

Sundew Plant
Sundew Plant

Drosera derbyensis

It is a close relative of Sundew. This plant looks better with its flower like insect catcher heads.


Stylidium looks very harmless. The flowes of these plant has a very unique trigger. If any insect touches it then the flower throws pollen on the insect to make him a carrier.

Large-Flowered Butterwort

This carnivorous plant is noted for its distinguished large flower.

Nepenthes villosa

This is the pitcher plant of Borneo. It looks splendid, is not it?

Rainbow Plant

This tree is carnivorous. Look at the dew like liquid drops on it. This is the trap which doubles as digestive liquid.

Roridula dentata Habitus

Roridula dentate is a hilly plant. It has hairs all round the body which is capable of catching insects.

There are many more wonderful carnivorous plants available in the nature. These plants catches insects for not getting energy but for essensitial minerals and other nutrients.


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    • pinappu profile image

      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Patty Kenyon from where you got those Venus Fly Traps?

    • Patty Kenyon profile image

      Patty Kenyon 5 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut

      Awesome Pictures!!! I used to have a Venus Fly Trap when I was younger; I was always so amazed how it would react to flies etc. Interesting!!!