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Wood Burning Stove Accessories

Updated on November 17, 2013
Rik Ravado profile image

Rik is a passionate wood stove owner and loves collecting and preparing his own fuel from the woodland behind his house.

This is one of a series of articles about wood burning stoves. Assuming you’ve decided to purchase a wood burning stove then once it is installed, what else do you need to buy?

What fireside accessories will complete your enjoyment of your new stove?

The good news is not a lot! If you find your own timber then you’ll need a splitting axe and a chain saw to cut it up. For more information on this, finding free wood or lighting your stove, check out the links to the right of this article to my other wood burning stove hubs.

If there isn't a specialist wood stove supplier near your home then why not search Online for the accessories and products you need?

Fireside Accessories

This is the stuff you may choose to buy to make using your stove easier or simply because it looks good on your hearth. Fireside tool sets are often known oddly as Companion Sets.

Wood burning stove Accessories: This Fireside Tool Set is Combined with a Fireside Log Container
Wood burning stove Accessories: This Fireside Tool Set is Combined with a Fireside Log Container
Log Basket
Log Basket

Whether this means you can talk to them if you are all alone I’m not sure. A companion set typically consists of a poker, a brush and pan for clearing the hearth and a pair of tongues on a stand.

Note that tongues designed for open/coal fires may be less suitable for a woodstove. For a wood burning stove, it is better to choose a larger pair of tongues that you can use to transfer large logs into your wood stove.

A large pair of tongues are particularly useful when the stove gets really hot. I bought a really big pair on Ebay.

For a wood stove you might also want a rake suitable for removing the surplus ash from the bottom of the stove. Remember, with wood burning stoves, however, to leave some ash behind as it helps to start a new fire later on.

Some people prefer a tool set with an 'oldie worldie' flavour. My stove has a modern, minimalist look so I would choose something simple. In practice I’ve taken the minimalist approach even further and have some old ‘open fire’ tools in a small, simple enamelled bucket.

Log Basket
Log Basket
Log Basket
Log Basket

Buckets, Log Baskets and Log Carriers

The next accessory you need is something to transfer your logs or other pieces of timber from your wood store to the side of your wood burning stove ready to load into the fire.

There are a wide range of interesting alternatives from metal, designer containers to simple baskets or woven bags.

Some of them are designed simply to carry the logs while others are large enough to act as local storage for the logs.

I went for the ultimate minimalist look. A matt black plastic box that perfectly matches my Morso Squirrel stove with its matching black slate hearth. OK so it was incredibly cheap too!

Wood Burning Stove Accessories: A Typical Child Guard Suitable for a Wood Stove
Wood Burning Stove Accessories: A Typical Child Guard Suitable for a Wood Stove

Fireguards and Screens

One of the many great things about a wood burning stove is the fire is totally enclosed so you can leave it unattended without worrying about live coals ending up on your carpet and burning your home down.

So if there are no children around then you may not need any sort of guard. However, the problem with wood stoves they do get really hot. "Isn't that the idea?" I hear you cry.

Quite right but you need to make sure that your visitors (particularly very small ones) don't accidentally touch the stove and burn themselves.

Whereas with an open fire you are trying to keep the hot coals in and stop people falling into the fire, with a wood stove you only need a simple barrier to stop them touching it.

Toasting forks make great toast!
Toasting forks make great toast!
Kettle suitable for use on a Wood Burning Stove
Kettle suitable for use on a Wood Burning Stove

Toasting Forks and Kettles

I know it sounds trivial after the more serious stuff but there is nothing quite like toast made on an open fire. Also, because the wood stove is so hot, it makes superb toast. So treat yourself to a toasting fork.

Just remember to open the door and position the toast close to the fire and close the door up again once your toast in done.

You can also buy nice looking cast iron kettles to sit on top of your stove and make some tea or coffee to accompany the toast. That way you need never leave your stove during the winter months (except to buy bread, butter and jam!).

The Joy of a Cosy Winter Fire
The Joy of a Cosy Winter Fire

Miscellaneous Stuff

What else? Well if you have trouble carrying the ash to a suitable place to dispose of it then you can buy a metal ash box to put the ash can in. Personally i just cover it with a newspaper.

If your stove is painted then some paint may be useful to touch it up in the summer months ready for winter.

You'll often find the glass door of a wood stove gets obscured with sooty deposits; particularly if you burn wood that isn't properly dried. The solution is to buy some glass cleaner from a wood stove supplier.

Remember if there are no specialist wood stove stores near where you are, then get on line right now (if you are reading this you already are!) and see what stove accessories are available to buy on the Web.

Modern Stove and Accessories
Modern Stove and Accessories


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The photo at the bottom of your post labeled "Modern Stove and Accessories" is absolutely gorgeous! It sounds like the description of your stove and if so my compliments! Willing to offer any particulars?

    • Rik Ravado profile imageAUTHOR

      Rik Ravado 

      9 years ago from England

      Good idea, Dame Scribe, that is what men are for (hunter-gatherers) - glad to enjoyed!

    • Dame Scribe profile image

      Dame Scribe 

      9 years ago from Canada

      I would have to hire a wood cutter (single helps too) since I most likely would hurt myself with an axe or get lost in the woods, lol. Great info. :)


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