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Wood Pellet Stoves are innovative additions to a contemporary home

Updated on April 22, 2014

2400 EcoAire Pellet Stove

The Window Pellet Stove Efficient and Convenient

The Good Ole Days

Pellet stoves are the innovative inventions that allow compressed wood or biomass pellets to be used as an energy source for heat. This same heat source deters the mess of the common chimney: the flammable creosote gook, found inside of chimneys.

The standard pellet stove offers a sealed functional exhaust; hence preventing poisonous fumes from escaping into the living space, being accommodated by the heat produced from the pellet stove. This type of air movement is invaluable. Be sure to encourage the exhaust to guide vertically, in order to prevent exhaust leakage. The draft from this type of installation design will prevent excess fumes from lingering in the case housing structure.

The Innovative Window Pellet Stove

The ingenuity of technology has out done itself again. The new and remarkably convenient wood pellet stove is available for a window or a wall. This type of portable unit commonly consists of:

  • A thermostat w/ heating settings.

  • A standard 100v power supply.

  • An automatic ignitor.

  • Easy wiring.

  • Self containment in a cabinet casing.

The re-engineering technology, of the window pellet stove, has enabled the heating power to come from a British thermal unit (BTU) system. This same BTU technology will provide comfort to an average 750 square foot room, with no hassles. In fact, the window pellet stove is considered an indoor wall unit, commonly enclosed in a plastic cabinet case. The manufacturer has developed safety heat shields, in order to provide protection for the surfaces surrounding the unit after the installation.

Most window pellet stoves come with a installation kit. The installation process is similar to the difficulty level of installing a standard air conditioner-window unit. Hence, requiring no additional external exhaust venting to be established for this unit. This unit isn't lite weight. The average window pellet stove is about 150lbs. Rest assured, because the kit contains the necessary supporting brackets needed to support the wood pellet stove while it is the wall.

Wood Pellets Are Important

Conversely, wood pellets are still needed. The standard window pellet stove will most likely have the capacity of 30lbs. of heating ammo-wood pellets. Wood pellets are type of fuel, which is composed of sawdust or another type of manufactured wood material: tree branches. The type of wood varies from spruce and pine, which is allocated from the timber processing plants.

Wood pellet products produced acquire a very high combustion burning efficiency. The result is low ash content and lack of a mess compared to other means of burning wood for a fueled heat source. There are various types of wood pellets and many brand name wood pellet products available for the window pellet stove.

Moreover, pellet fuel moisture content is is very low. Thus, enabling a higher BTU value. With that particular measure, the abundance of fuel producing pellets will provide safe source of heat for the long haul of the cold weather season.

Hardwood Pellets

Hardwood type pellets provide an environmentally-friendly fuel alternative. Wood pellets can burn usually for up to 12 hours, while expelling long-lasting warmth efficiently.

Softwood Pellets

Compared to hardwood pellets, softwood pellets are known to burn cleaner and at a higher temperature. The common myth is that this value depends upon the specific species of the wood used in manufacturing process of the particular wood pellet.

Availability of the Window Pellet Stove

The window pellet stove is available via online and at the local hardware department store. The prices are comparable within the $1,500-$2,500 range. If shipped, this product could be at your door step for a mere shipping cost of $200.

This known economic utility is available at convenience. The technological upgrade of the window pellet stove provide comfort with no strain. Some window pellet stoves come with a remote control, as well. The remotely controlled window pellet stoves have adjustable thermostats and also may come with automatic ignitors built inside of the window pellet stove unit. These features are conveniently available, but those same features do affect the price, in addition to the availability of a particular window pellet stove unit.

The window pellet stove may be added to most rooms with ease; comparable to an air conditioning unit. Window pellet stoves are easily fueled and refueled by the standard hardwood or softwood pellet, which are also available via online or at the local hardware department store.


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