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Wood Window Cornices

Updated on February 7, 2008

What is a window cornice?

A window cornice, sometimes called a cornice board or window valance, is an ornamental window topper made of wood and is sometimes covered with fabric. In most cases a window cornice covers exising window treatments. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Often cornices feature crown or custom moldings that make them versatile, so that they can fit any room décor. Weather traditional or contemporary, window cornices are an excellent choice for window coverings.

5 Reasons to Use Wooden Window Cornices

  1. Wooden window cornices are absolutely beautiful!
  2. Window cornices add class to any window design.
  3. Wood window cornices can add finish and trim to an otherwise dull window.In many cases windows aren't cased and often look plain. Wood window cornices can solve this issue because they add depth and design to an otherwise plain window.
  4. Wooden cornice boards add architectural design to the entire room.
  5. Wood window cornices are affordable. When compared to the regular cost of most window treatments, wood window cornices can serve as a cost effective way solution.

Measure for a Window Cornice

Since window cornices often cover existing window treatments, it's important to measure correctly a.) to make sure you have a good fit and b) to make sure you can take down existing window treatments for cleaning or changing..

There are three critical measurements that are needed when ordering a wood window cornice.

  1. The inside width. This is the minimum width needed to cover window treatment. If you have an existing window treatment, you will want to measure at least one inch on each side of the treatment. If you don't have a window treatment, but are planning one, simply measure the window opening, then add 4 inches on each side to allow for casing and hanging of curtain.
  2. The inside depth. This is the measurement for the distance the cornice sticks out from the wall. It is important to know or plan how far your existing treatments extend from the wall. A typical width for a cornice is 5 1/2 inches, but varies depending on the situation.
  3. Overall height. The third critical measurement is the overall height of the cornice. Typically a cornice is 8 inches high, but varies depending on the length and the window for which it is being applied. You want to make sure there is room between the top of the window and the wall to accomdate the cornice.

You can download window cornice measuring instructions here.

Photos of Wood Cornices

Close up of wood cornice
Close up of wood cornice
Wood Cornice in bedroom
Wood Cornice in bedroom
Detail of Wood window cornice
Detail of Wood window cornice


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      Yancey 6 years ago

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