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Turn Your Garden Into A Fantasy Land With Wooden Arbors

Updated on April 16, 2009

The Beauty of Wooden Arbors

Wood Arbors have been used for ions in gardens throughout the world. Some of them have an Eastern touch while others have the look of an English garden. Some wooden arbors are arched and others have a flat top. You can find them in all sorts of sizes as well as types of woods.

The point of using wood arbors is to allow climbing plants to grow. Climbing plants will grow wildly unless they are trained to grow in a certain manner. You can get them to grow on a fence, a house or even on a deck. One way to easily accomplish this task is to use an arbor. A wooden arbor can be either a flat piece of lattice wood that goes against the house to promote ivy growth or an arch that is both decorative and functional.

Any type of vine can grow on an arbor. To get the vines to begin climbing the arbor, you should use twist ties and tie the growing vines on the arbor, forcing them to grow up. In the case of ivy, which pretty much dies during the winter months and then comes back in the summer, the vines will take on a life of their own and will stay connected to the arbor and continue to climb and cover the structure. Pretty soon, you will no longer need to train them with the twist ties as they will cover the entire wood arbor.

Other plants that people use on a wooden arbor are climbing roses, which are always pretty in bloom. Climbing roses, because they do not last a long time, are usually combined with ivy or other climbing plants so that the greenery stays throughout the season.

Still another use for Wooden Garden Arbors is to grow grapes. If you grow grapes for either wine making or for the grape leaves, you can train them to grow in a wooden arbor. Many people who grow grapes grow them high, such as across the top of a deck, so that the fruits are not attacked by rabbits and other animals. You can stretch lattice across the top of your deck and on the sides to act as a wooden arbor and train the grape leaves to grow up the arbor. It takes a few years before grapes to harvest and by that time, the vines will be well connected to the arbor.

Wooden arbors look decorative when placed as an entryway to a garden. They can also be used as an accent piece just about anywhere. You can even have a wooden arbor on your property line connecting your house to a neighboring house. You can put a couple of benches next to the arbor to make it look like a place for tranquility and reflection.

There are many different uses for Arbors. If you are planning on incorporating these functional and yet decorative pieces into your garden, make sure that you have a plan so that you do not end up making the garden look all cluttered. You are better off to plan out, even in your head, how you want the garden to look when you have completed your planting, rather than just start tossing lawn ornaments outside and make it look junky.


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    • hnyaji profile image

      hnyaji 8 years ago

      Photos would have made this great!

    • mandybeau profile image

      mandybeau 8 years ago

      I recently saw one in a Book that stretched for miles, it had Wisteria growing all ove it, and it took you all round the various vista's in the Garden Good Hub.