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Wooden Dining Tables

Updated on June 17, 2010

Are they going out of style

More and more people are seems to be moving towards having glass dining tables instead of wooden dining tables , I'm sure there are benefits of having a glass dining table but I don't think it can ever match the majestic look provided by the a wooden dining table. Coming from Moratuwa in Sri Lanka where it is renowned for wood crafts I have seeing some beautiful carved wooden tables and I have never ever seeing such beauty in a glass or metal dining table for that matter. The biggest problem is they tend to be expensive especially if you are going to buy a carved one made from somewhat rare wood. But if you are willing to do some searching then there are some great deals out there and it is well worth the investment if you can find beautiful looking carved one.

Wooden Dining table with chairs
Wooden Dining table with chairs

Things to consider when buying a wooden table

Although these are more related to the dining tables some of the things mentioned below could be applied when buying almost any wooden product.

  • Be careful when buying painted or dark painted wooden products
    If the type of wood is good and also if the product is made out of the best parts of the trunk carpenters usually only polish the table. But if its painted it usually means they are trying to hide the wood and you have to be extra careful in instances like that.
  • Check the wood
    Average consumer had no idea of wood types and the showroom owners and staff knows this and this could lead to cheating the customer of there money. It is always a good idea to buy from a reputable shop because they are more reliable.
  • Check the Edges
    Checking the edges is one good way to find the quality and the durability of the products.If there are gaps or rough edges then this could lead to creaking sounds etc in the future.

A cheaper Alternative

The cheapest way you can get a good wooden dining table is to buy and provide the wood to the carpenter and ask him to build a table to your specifications. This might not be possible everywhere but this is definitely the cheapest way to get a wooden dining table in Sri Lanka. The problem with this method is finding a trustworthy carpenter and in a small country like Sri Lanka where everybody is connected it shouldn't be that hard to find one thorough contacts.

If you can't find such a contact another good method is to look for them in e-bay or Amazon. If you are careful and do some research it is possible to find a product that is relatively cheap. If you are in US or Canada you could be eligible for free shipping as well so going shopping it those online sites is definitely a good idea.

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