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Wooden Shutters

Updated on May 18, 2009

Why People Like Shutters

House shutters ideas are popular because they look good on the outside of homes and they are not too expensive. Anyone wanting to spruce up the exteriour of their house and not spend too much might look into adding decorative shutters. Shutters raise the "curb appeal" of your house and make it more pleasing to the eye. This is why many people add exterior shutters to their homes before they put them up for sale.

Real Shutters or Decorative Shutters?

If you see shutters on a house, the chances are good that they are decorative shutters and are not real working shutters. The exception would be in parts of the country that gets severe weather and wind. In those cases, the shutters might be real and capable of protecting the windows. Real shutters are common in states that are periodically threatened by hurricanes and the shutters there would be for protecting the windows from shattering in high wind.

People love the look of wood shutters but in actuality, wood is not a great material to make shutters out of. This is because they warp and deteriorate and need constant maintenance to make them look good. As an alternative, vinyl and fiberglass can be made to look like exactly like wood and they are much stronger. The maintenance that is needed for vinyl and fiberglass shutters is a fraction of what is needed for wooden shutters.

Hurricane Rolling Shutters

Rolling Shutters

Another type of shutter is the rolling variety. These are real shutters and are made to block out the sun or the wind. Some hurricane shutters roll down over your windows and are attached firmly. In the sunny states. people use a similar type of rolling shutter to shield their windows from the hot sun. The western sun can be relentless in the desert states and rolling shutters are commonly used to block it out.

Cafe Shutters

The Appeal of Cafe Shutters

One of the most popular types of shutters are cafe shutters. This kind of shutter is almost always an interior shutter that covers the bottom half of the window. It can be opened or closed and when closed will provide privacy from people looking in while letting the light in from above. Cafe shutters are a good alternative to blinds and they provide a style and elegance that few blinds can match. Cafe shutters are often installed over kitchen and living room windows and they can add a lot to the design to any room.


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      gloria McLellan 8 years ago

      the exact shutter I am looking for-(with cutout) in wood--what is the price per shutter?