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Wooden Side Gates

Updated on February 6, 2013

Why choose wooden side gates?

There are a number of good reasons - but quite simply my number one reason is because of their sheer beauty. We got side gates fitted about 2 years ago and in that time they've aged wonderfully and look better now than they did when we first installed them.

The price range can vary quite a bit but like anything in life, you'll pay for quality. We decided to spend a little more because we treated it not just as a "home security purchase" but also as a "home decor" piece.

What type of wood to choose?

Really it depends on what other features you have in your home and what type of effect you're looking to achieve, and of course your budget!

For example oak side gates are probably the most popular and can be stained to achieve the colour of your choice. Scandinavian Spruce is also becoming increasingly popular due to its resistance against the elements.

We contacted our local side gates dublin supplier and after showing pictures of our garden and giving a general idea of our budget we finally settled on Scandinavian Spruce - and are delighted with the results.


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