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Wool Area Rugs and Accessories

Updated on July 20, 2009

Wool area rugs are soft, resilient, and a beautiful addition to all home decors styles, and come in a colossal variety of color palettes, patterns, and sizes. Benefits to wool rugs include an ability to hold their appearance, as well as being fire resistant and water repellent. Modern wool area rugs needn't be seen solely as a decorate feature in a room, but also as a functional, and durable covering for all floor types - be it hardwood, carpet, or tile.

Continued popularity of the wool rugs often comes down to its ability to maintain and easy in cleaning, a extremely durable fabric, able to last decades with the ideal care, often cost-effective - discount area rugs can often be found, and lastly these rugs often depict of glorious designs. Wool rugs can also feature in areas with heavy foot traffic. These rugs are a highly-rate alternative to some of the standard nylon, heatset olefin, and other such carpets made in synthetic materials.

Shopping for Wool Area Rugs

Wool rugs are available in a multitude of modern, floral, and artfully detailed designs, with oval, rectangle, and round area rugs all popular shaped options. All rugs be located at home furnishing stores, department stores, and a vast spectrum of specialized online retailers. Skillfully hand-crafted rugs can cost in the region of $70 for a tradition 2ft x 3ft hand-tufted rug in 100% pure wool, with a cotton canvas backing to $157.50 for a 100% wool, hand-turfed rug at 3'6" x 5'6" in a vibrant design, with a cotton backing to $499 for a contemporary, 100% wool, handmade Chinese area rug at 8' x 11'.

Cleaning Wool Area Rugs

To maintain oval area rugs in tip-top condition it will benefit the rug if vacuumed regularly, spills are cleaned immediately - either blot with a sponge, cloth or kitchen towel. Every so often, a professional rug cleaning session is suggested. Spot clean can be achieved with a mild soap solution (for wool) and allowed to air dry. Also, as a way to preserve the life of a rug it can help to use a rubberized pad to avoid slippage on floors that offer a smooth surface.

Designer rugs, oriental rugs and wool area rugs are offered in an immense selection of styles, colors, and shapes to accommodate all tastes and decor arrangements. Beautifying a home with a contemporary wool area is one sure step to add vibrant colors, and warmth to a home.


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