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Wool Duvet

Updated on March 21, 2011

Keep Yourself Warm With a Wool Duvet

It is a pretty well-known fact that duvets, in general, are usually warm unless they are specified to be for summer use. A wool duvet cover can keep you even warmer than a duvet with a regular duvet cover because of wool's remarkably warming abilities. The wool enclosing the the already warm duvet will offer the most unsurpassed warmth you will ever enjoy. It's insulating, but breathable at the same time so you will not sweat to death.

A wool duvet could be just what you need if you find yourself still shivering at night even with your usual down comforter and duvet cover. A wool duvet cover is relatively inexpensive, it often depends upon what the wool is combined with. While you can find pure wool duvet covers, you can most often find them with another fabric, since wool has a tendency to be itchy, depending on the type of wool used.

Two great places to shop for wool duvets online are and also the world's largest auction site eBay.

Various Types of Wools that Could be Used in a Wool Duvet

There are many different kinds of wools used in a wool duvet cover. Not all wools are created equal, so knowing what to look for is imperative to resting peacefully without itching. Most wool duvet covers are made with the side of the duvet that touches your skin being a different fabric anyway, but the top of the wool duvet cover will touch your skin during the night.

  • Alpaca: Softer and more durable than cashmere, alpaca lightweight and silky. It also does not pill often like so many other wools.
  • Angora is extremely soft and comes from the angora rabbit. Its heat retention is the greatest of all wools.
  • Cashmere is a luxurious type of wool that comes from the Kashmir goat. It is not durable, but is extremely comfortable in all temperatures because of its adaptability. In other words, it will not keep you exceptionally warm.
  • Camel hair is very soft and very fine. It is very durable and very warm.
  • Mohair is extremely silky wool that comes from the Angora goat. It is non-pilling and quite often used in the construction of various blankets. It will provide warmth.
  • Sheep's wool is the most common type of wool. There is Lambswool, Shetland, Melton Wool, Merino, and Loden Wool. These all can be used to make blankets and are all very good at retaining warmth. Lambswool is the most luxurious and soft of them all, while Shetland comes in a close second.

Wool Duvet

Wool Duvet
Wool Duvet


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