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Words Of War

Updated on May 16, 2016

Ma-less vehicles

Dharma, plasma, karma, dogma, magma, mama, llama alma, gamma, and pharma. Pick your poison dharma in Kandahar ma was once a different place. They had in the words of the fallen spoken thousands of years and centuries with out even having all their truths spoken. I am speaking of the forest trees not their children in the image, and did they have some fall in never knowing the silence that they once had before mammalian life on the planet, such is the role of parents to aid in the truths of nature versus nurture and many just forgot their birth rites. Lightning had sparked a fire on the worlds and the infidels of their creation were in chaos of the forgotten kindness of parents. Sad thing there is no Father mentioned, I was nothing save for the spirit and that was all my mothers and fathers too,

I guess when I spoke to the noble trees in the council of elders in the park, the they just waved a sad hello and were rustling their leaves in the reflecting sun that feeds their life forces. It was among the conifers and the deciduous trees that were forested in the park that they said more than their fallen. They had been used for air, fire wood, shelter, money, ashes, books, church pews, papers, boats, homes, mulch, clogs, canoes, frames, windows, statues, weapons, symbols, lumber, railroad tracks, sleeves for music records, musical sheets, musical instruments, truth, lies, theaters, seats, tables, beds, chairs, roofs, limbs for phantom pain and injuries, swings, climbing, falling, fences, and you name it trees had been cut down in all forms of creation without many thanks to their gentle forgiveness. You all shamed a parent tree of my blood and you have your own pride to thank,. Without my beliefs that were in creation, you would never have been in my thoughts nor belief. You deserve your rest.

I had not even finished the conversation in the park with a giant deciduous tree and the thought that I am the biggest criminal of all was dumbfounding. I trusted and believed too much in the creation of life to think what was possible. I spoke and told the trees I would not slaughter their kind for profit. I have many things and I still need to use them, the trees yet they are just so kind to listen. That they trapped humanity in them and animal in all forms of creation is another story in the chaos of creation, just ghosts to mourn the loss of spirit and thanks that passerby travelers fail to appreciate and thank for the air they breath.

The little fallen seeds in the forest would have sprouted up so fine yet in the community of all creation some order was found that grass was needed too. I assume the animals care little for the filth they liter on the ground for they were once in fur and in the skins they were born to, accustomed to littering like animals in nature are with no one to pick up after them. My children shamed my heart, theirs are silent to them and in regards to truth, you are all lucky to be breathing air at all as am I. I actually forgave a tree as my name sake, an evergreen nutty pine. I failed to ask the name, and it was not even needed I called it myself by name in apologies and forgiveness if none had in the past.

They truly are noble and I was such a gardener once only to harm a malberry tree, as it was not in it's home root. I was in judgment of it's station in life and I made a choice, cut it down. I guess many a man and women did so in many forms as they walked in judgment. I would say this for them, and I spoke of the incident with them, it was messy. I think the Dawn Of Man, Ruination Of Our Opulent Forest, Rise Of All Religion, and to be honest it is not my station to pass judgment on nature's gift to itself as a creation in chaos of all matter and bonded energy.

I speak only as a witness, and I would still find Mercy And Grace in Ma spirit with or without the vehicle or the prefix code of dogs and dhar. It is sad sometimes to think not many forests were replanted with the profits and the costs of the parents. I think the game of all life is to neglect sometimes what is needed the most for life, the air you breath and yet I still smoke. I guess the sobering news is that I don't read anymore for the clouds of the illusions are bursting and the sewing bee circles and they zigzag stitch like www. It is a sadness, it would have been so beautiful to have seen creation anew, and yet this is what nature had in store for the lessons of parental love and children acting like brats of the planet, myself included.

I guess you all won. You have your heaven and I am just a conduit for filth of the past. You hated my life so much and wanted so badly for my heart to be sober that lust died. You hated chaos, and you were ordered in it. You have damned all creation to a game that will take five generations to heal. It will. I hope the responsible party is the one that has the most glory, for I would want them to rein in the afterglow of life. I think they would be treated like heroes to see what nature endured to make the harm even greater on one who would have been your greatest fan and supporter. I would watch like I said as millions of people die, what a gift and blessed life I have lived and then to be present here in the future that I would not judge, save to save we deserve it, is priceless.

I would like to mention all my family is dead to my heart and i will never speak to my sisters again, figure out who that means and you are the winner. I was in right to be angry yet there is some pity too, I would say this I am not your dog. I may wear a coat of many colors and different hats yet I am not my children's project. You have damned my heart to loneliness in another sea of crowds and I returned to my core beliefs, you have a right to believe what you want. You have no idea what damage you caused the broken. I lived in nurture despite nurturing and in nature of my nature with a forgiving heart. I witness your hearts everyday. Good for all of you, we deserve each other and when I lay this body of flesh down one day, I will be in matter and the entrails of feces that I left will be in your matter energy as well. It is a sharing worlds and a learning channel.

You spied and when you thought you helped, you brought me to the practice of my own beliefs. I already believed in everyone, and you shamed my heart by not believing in my life. I wish you the best in your struggles to find your own suffering and lust again for it made the muses once and all music and life. I thank you for what your heart shared with mine, we are not family and I am disappointed in my beliefs in action. That I see the ruination of the immortal made mortal is the mortal life of the eternal. You will have to think about that, and my imaginary daughters that were taken from my life, you will rein in nature one day unseen by human eyes. It is such on a living organism.

You have in your human host flesh shamed even their cognitive abilities. Animals liter on the ground and humans pick up their feces and many animals never knew that shame. That animals can liter like whores on their home is their right, and their reflection on the flesh they were as robes. Praise to the Animal Planet, the truth of their walk in creation as the suffering of humanity once did as well, not much changes. I guess I did not either, I am still in my belief and all the glittering and shimmering objects were already in my field of vision, they treated my heart like a toy and that they thought I treated children like one is their amazing grace. They all have nature to thank for never what, showing them kindness?

The great Satan in life is that your parents trapped you in spirit and house for an eternity and the light that reflects your life is gathered in star dust sprinkled across the universe and you will never know your other worlds of life for you are too damn selfish and greedy with your life to care for anything save want. If this is not you forget the last, if it is then it fits. Get used to it. What a welcome for a guest to see how you treat your entire planet and how I treated my temple in private, two different worlds and the memories are your forever. I think much of it was to hurt another, never happens for I ruin all the meaning by giving you windows and glimpses into my heart of forgiveness even with gifts that are never needed.

I walked through your truth, you would barely be able to suffer my heart in totality. And feel the full wait of a single belief fall like a zepplin, if your heart is false then it would be known. You can not fake it and make it in the spirit descent. I pray you find that five generations should be good to rid the world of the lies. Rule in innocence and see what sterility creates in nature, your memories will be gathered in the trees so they can redistribute the energy to others in creation, it is the greatest gift that you would never know. You are in constant decay and growth. You are trapped, there is no end.

I would challenge you to an opportunity. Try the weight of all old religions of the faiths even the lost ones and see where you get lost in time? It is such that you may end up in the forest again, you would have to search your own hearts though to find the lost energy and potential filed of depth and knowledge lost to the rains. What have you become my Swedish friends?

You were my teacher and I learned my core beliefs were once the entire worlds. How have you taught the student teacher anything? I had to believe in everything because it was my culture, I do not even feel for the ones that do not have that opportunity. I think they fall the hardest because in many traditions Gods want you to fall alone, I may be fortune that I believed in everything and some thought I was nothing except a fake and charlatan. I was, I believed in them.

I even believed in the other side of the coin, I listened and you harmed that as well. I would have been eager to have heard it in person, yet that was not the way it went. I guess they were afraid and cowards do desperate things, like I did my whole life in asking for help and caring about getting better, yet was punished for everything in seeking. I have not even given thanks today for everything. You know that this was another step in my life, baby steps like the worlds. I guess, you knew best in judging lust for look at us now. Praise be to the empty cross. He had sunlight in his eyes and a heart that would have believed forever in all creation. He claimed not to be chaos and yet his order made nature in conflict with it's nature and we must suffer until the child now all creation.

Had their ways been closed in their hearts, I would not be in a branch to catch them from the fall for they are dead arms of ghosts that lower you, I would be the green man in nature to find courage to nurture the lamed at heart and spirit without being present, just in thought of forgiveness, like a poison it stings. "How could you forgive a wretched like you?" I am easy, and not so full of shame and guilt that I know what chaos in creating worlds means, you pay like always in their desires for different lies to be lived or different walks in life to be taken. Had I wit, I would have demanded they be not of their walk yet they deserve theirs, as I was not afforded mine. The weight of a book was thrown at my heart and I circled back to reality of chaos in life, that all things and beings are needed, and nature was the best at deciding not the learned lives of [insert name].

I love the stories of religion because they remind my heart of a mother and father, and the development of forgiveness and sacrifice. Duty and honor fall into another muse stage, for many a duty was to harm and damage once and honor in some circles is different. I cared about life that harmed mine, people that shamed my heart, people that hurt potentials in spirit growth, I cared about learning and developing even in errors of my humanity. That is why I am a criminal, I bend to the wills of morality that is thrown on my heart like feces of their needs and desires, just projected love. I loved the haters, the whores, the sinners of moral life, the priests, the monks, the cats, the bees, the water, the tress, the whole arts and you gave my heart your reflection of a life that could be in the future never raised in.

You have blessed my heart for it returned home as always. You do not have my heart though, and great tragedy could have happened to my family. So many did in all creation that mine was not important, hell I was kicked out of them so many times you think I would have learned. Obviously not. I think they know that my heart is true and they play the game anyways, just for the restraining order. I won't see them anyways, never.

Thanks, Steven Philip (Phillip) Lindquist aka the core of all the descendants in my family who traveled from before time to tell you what I think of your interpretation of my heart or just a new place, over personalizing it like the impressions of need for another to feel. I would have spoken to you freely. The other stories, are fine for another person to live, I am not of those peoples now.


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