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Work Easy: Introducing HandleLess Kitchen Doors

Updated on August 5, 2016

Why Handle less Kitchen doors ?

Working in Kitchens is hectic and usually involves lots of commotion and humdrum. With crockery to be shifted from one place to another and grocery be carried from the refrigerator to the kitchen tops and back to the refrigerator there is lot of movement of material involved. This frantic movement at times leads to minor accidents by way of crashing into the kitchen doors, as you are not able to open the doors properly. The door handles make it a bit inconvenient for you to work. Comprehending your predicament, we have introduced a new range of kitchen doors. They are handleless kitchen doors that just require a gentle push and they open automatically. Similarly, a small push would close the door without making any hassle of holding the handles of the door anymore.

Ease of carrying groceries and milk containers

Usually it was complained that it gets difficult to carry the milk containers and open or close the doors simultaneously. You had to first keep the container or the grocery bag on the nearby shelf and then only open the door with the handle. Now you need not worry about your hands being occupied with the material that you are carrying in or out of the kitchen. The handle less kitchen door would open easily without the handles and you are relieved of pulling or pushing the handles of the door.

Handless doors kitchen
Handless doors kitchen | Source

Serving Water or Tea gets easy

Guests are always welcome. A quick rendezvous with your friends is always cherished over a long time. Be it formal dinners or a coffee get together an evening with friends is what everyone looks forward to. When it happens at your place, you get to serve your friends their favorite drink. Serving everyone with a glass of water or lemonade will now be easier. You can prepare the glasses in the kitchen and carry the serving tray straight from your kitchen to the guest room or the lobby without the help of anyone. It has become possible only because of our handle less kitchen doors. With the tray full of glasses you can gently push the kitchen door that will automatically open and make you pass through without the hassle of keeping the tray first; open the door and then again picking the tray just to cause inconvenience. Handleless kitchen doors have made it very convenient to operate kitchen and the serving areas.

Handleless kitchen doors
Handleless kitchen doors | Source

Sophisticated hinges and advanced technology

The concept of handle less doors has been made possible with the introduction of sophisticated hinges introduced by Germany and Italian hardware manufacturers. In fact the advanced technology that is used to manufacture hardware is now used in the kitchen furniture are rust proof and provide smooth movement of the cabinet and kitchen doors. The handle less doors use this technology and sophisticated hardware that make them operate with a slight and a gentle push.


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